This player is once more a moderator. You can trust him.

Junipero is a moderator on the server, known for his irregular presence, odd hours, and helpful attitude. He is one of the founding members of Kurwa, and as such held a position on the Council which governed the city on the old map. Upon the new map's generation, he decided to opt out of Councilmanship in Nova Kurwa to join the up-and-coming nation of West Rhodes. He is diplomatic and discreet, attempting to resolve disputes when his experience, normally neutral position, and mild wordsmith skills can assist.


Early in the /int/ server history, Junipero joined while Berndtown still thrived with novel energy. He recieved a room in Rosenmann's commieblock and decided that was enough of the snowy town he'd need. He shortly looked westward and trekked a full kilometer towards the sunset over rugged hills and through a rushing sea. After building an ugly cobble & sandstone tower on what is now known as the Kurwan Lake.


He extended an open invitation with a simple idea, “Does anyone want to start a village?” This was after discovering a particularly flat & open peninsula on the lake, which would turn out to be perfect land to seed the growth of what would become known as Kurwa Village. Catbuskris answered this invitation, and built much of the original village buildings, including the village church which set the original height rule for construction. Rosenmann and V1adimirr responded in turn, expanding the nascent settlement and linking it by rail to Berndtown.

When North Kurwa and East Kurwa were well established and server activity began to slow, Junipero ducked out of activity with minecraft entirely. He only began to play semi-regularly again as late as Pettan Kurwa's establishment. Though in Kurwa's middle and late ages Junipero played a smaller part in running the town, his early influence helped set the laws which continue to be the standard for many modern nations of Alphabernd's realms.


He will not have internet for awhile so will not be playing on KC minecraft/civcraft for some time. FYI

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