Master of Ukrainian Excellency, Juinnn
Home City: Neu Juinnndatenland
Language(s): English
Passable Breshikian
National Allegiance(s): None at this time
Political Affiliation(s): Church of the Holy Feel
Roles and Titles: Regent of Sorra
Joined: Late September, 2012

Juinn (aka Juinnn) ruler of many disparate dirt and netherrack huts, veteran of egging on and missing every battle since 2012.

Recruited by the recently returned Shakomatic in late 2012 into the then only Breshik settlement of Fort Cumberland, by sheer Wiki propaganda autisms, for a time Juinn rapidly advanced through the ranks of Breshikan government to the lauded position of Chancellor (then equivocally PM and Lord Steward following state reforms) despite spending more time wandering and wasting time than inside of Breshik.

Following a string of inactivity, and loss of Faith in the Breshikan way, Juinn resigned as Prime Minister, retreating to their personal holdings to ponder and pursue small hobbies. Roused only to make a humble enclave for the Church following Alpha's Revival of the Server, Juinn rapidly fell into obscurity amongst the rise of new faces and erasure of old ones. However with new updates and renewed autisms once more Juinn returned.

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Juinn does whatever, whenever. Also a top wiki editor, makes shit up invents lore, and makes things “pretty”.

Properties Relics

  • The Sacred PigTree Forest's Ever-Lava (the only other of which was awarded with 21 diamonds to Razor of Kriegstein and thus lost during the Fall of Razor)
  • Eye of FireSeeker's Bane (The relic that prompted the great quest Through Fire and Flames in the wanning days of Breshikan Soverency)
  • 1 Nicaraguan Cigar - A memento of V1adimirr's success in reopening the Bank of Kurwa. A stick anvil forged by V1ad to be imbued with the mystic powers of lung cancer.
  • Spellbound Potato - An enigmatic potato found in old lands, bound by magic. I ate it on accident. :x

AlphaBernd's Melon Fragments

AlphaBernd's Melon Fragments - An lo, one day the first one, AlphaBernd, briefly appeared, leaving nothing but a single melon. For fear of this sacred thing being consumed by vile non-believer's, Juinn shattered it that it might be secreted away.

The Alchemist's Gold

The Alchemist's Gold - By divine blessing, surely Juinn has somehow attained a great power.

Lands Prior to being promoted to the position of Chancellor, Juinn was personally awarded totes requested the entire abandoned territory of Fort Cumberland for extensive service, and involvement in the creation of the initial wall, plumbing, and farming systems. It is Juinn's most prominent holding. Smaller estates include,

  • Melon Haus of Mari (DO NO MURDER PLEASE AND THANK) - Recently murdered and rebuilt, accidentally bigger than before.
  • The Juinndatenland - North of Avence
  • Juinn's Tent/The Space Tree - Fort Cumberland
  • Tang Spawn Town Haus - Down for renovation

Other holdings of Juinn include a few unfinished works, a handful of minor islands, then some shacks and caves of low import.

Ranks & Titles

  • Head Secretary of the Breshikan Floura Advisory Council
  • Court Historian of the Holy Breshikan Empire
  • Vice-Chancellor of the H.B.E.
  • Prime Minister of the Avencian Kingdom
  • Lord-Steward of Breshik
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