Gribostani-Slavian Wars

Gribostani-Slavian Wars
 accurate depiction
Dates December 29th 2021 – March 8th 2022
Location Slavia, Gribostan and surrounding areas
Result Mutual destruction
Slavia Socialist Republic of Gribostan
Leaders and Commanders
Tsar Rickroll Urfin_Djus (until 24th of February)
G21_JARTOP (since 24th of February)
3-4 5-6
special heads and merril's lands architecture and nationhood
Battle of Gribostan - Mutual Destruction aka the Withering

The Gribostan Independence War

Gribostani rebels, led by Urfin, seceded from with Slavia on 29th of December (when Rickroll found out about Urfin's intended revolt and declared war). The first battle of the war was extremely destructive, with withers obliterating much. That first taste of Withers will not be forgotten. It resulted in Rick admitting defeat and retreating while refusing to accept peace conditions. On January 5th, Rickroll and Urfin signed a peace treaty guaranteeing Gribostan's independence and sovereignty in the existing borders, refraining from the threat or the use of force against Gribostan or Slavia and refraining from using tactical Withers.

Second War

Background and smaller scale

The treaty lasted 27 years several days until Urfin gave Rickroll an ultimatum with ridiculous terminology and conditions unacceptable to Slavia, and skirmishes broke again. The situation was relatively quiet despite breaching into each other's territory. Rickroll recruited the American sxiv to join Slavia, thinking he has the capability to beat the communists. (Rickroll's inside: shix was recruited long before the war, however upon its start it was decided that he will act like he isn't a part of Slavia to gain advantage from this.) After accepting his invite, the CIA agent American sxiv became heavily involved, touring in Gribostan, fighting and stealing. In response, FROST1, following the orders from Urfin_Djus' stole from Slavnograd and Nikolaev which provoked sxiv and merril to attack.

Creation of Polistan

Runaway_Zombie, frustrated with the resuming war, resigned and left to another edge of the map to form Polistan which will become the Nation of Polistan, an American “democratic” nation, taking with him some of the nationals of Gribostan. Polistan did not involve itself in the war in this point.

The Mutual Destruction

This led to the beginning of Gribostani and Slavian mutual destruction. Several towns withered and TNTed, ArleKing's farm destroyed by FROST1 as a result of target-spotting mistake and G21_JARTOP's inability to read maps.

Second Peace

After some drama took place inside Gribostan and in the real world, G21 became a new leader and decided to go for peace immediately, which went as wrong as one could imagine with Gribostan getting humiliated and forced to pay massive contributions to Slavia. Full text of treaty here.


To ensure his settlement's safety and complete reconstruction, merril seceded with his settlements Westwern Nikolaev and Wyadreim and became apolitical. Disgruntled with the situation and his clansmen for various reasons, Urfin_Djus disbanded the nation of Gribostan and left to his secret hideout.

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