Gribostani-Slavian Wars

Gribostani-Slavian Wars
 accurate depiction
Dates December 29th 2021 – November 12th 2022
Location Slavia, Gribostan and surrounding areas
Result Gribostan secedes from Slavia and becomes an independent nation;
Nations inflict heavy damage on eachothers respective settlements;
Slavia is disbanded after a decisive Gribostani victory.
Slavia Socialist Republic of Gribostan
Leaders and Commanders
Tsar Rickroll Urfin_Djus (until 24th of February and from 22nd of September)
G21_JARTOP (traitor, technically a leader since 24th of February to 16th of March)
3-4 3-6
special heads and merril's lands (twice) architecture and nationhood (temporary)
Battle of Gribostan - Mutual Destruction aka the Withering

Gribostani-Slavian wars are an ongoing never-ending series of skirmishes, battles and conflicts between Urfin's Gribostan and Rickroll's Slavia. First shots of it were fired almost a year ago, but lasting peace is yet to be achieved.

The Gribostan Independence War

In late December 2021, citizens of Slavian province of Gribostan and Knyaz' Urfin in particular grew increasingly frustrated with Rickroll's leadership. Grasping an opportunity, Urfin started to plan a revolt against Rickroll. But a person from Gribostan, identity of whom remains unknown to this day betrayed the rebellion and informed Rickroll about Urfin's plans. Gribostan's war preparations weren't completed yet, so when Rickroll showed up to their capital and demanded immediate surrender, Urfin and his people were caught absolutely off-guard.

Gribostanis FROST1 and igaryos, who happened to be online at the time, scrambled in rush to get all the necessary supplies for the battle and distribute them among the present forces. Meanwhile, Urfin used his advanced diplomacy skills to stall the negotiations with Rickroll for as long as possible in order to give his men time to prepare.

When everything was ready, Urfin attacked Rickroll without a warning, managing to in turn catch him off-guard and crit him out, killing him in less than a minute. But it was in vain as Rickroll was ready for such an outcome and came back very soon, spawning multiple withers in Gribostan. The following battle was extremely destructive, with withers obliterating much. That first taste of Withers will not be forgotten. It resulted in Rick admitting defeat and retreating while refusing to accept peace conditions right away. But on January 5th, Rickroll and Urfin signed their first peace treaty guaranteeing Gribostan's independence and sovereignty in the existing borders, refraining from the threat or the use of force against Gribostan or Slavia and refraining from using tactical Withers.

Second War

Background and smaller scale

The treaty lasted 27 years several weeks. January of 2022 was the golden age of Gribostan with new people joining, grand projects being constructed, new areas developed and economy booming. In contrast, Slavia was barely alive and stagnated.

Seeing the balance of power shift in his favour, Urfin gave Rickroll an ultimatum, demanding compensations for damage inflicted by Withers and an official apology for merril's shittalk. Rickroll considered the demands to have “ridiculous terminology and conditions unacceptable to Slavia”, so he rejected them and skirmishes broke again. Throughout the most of February, the situation was relatively quiet despite forces of both sides occasionally breaching into each other's territory. Also, it was around this time when it was revealed that Rickroll had previously recruited the American sxiv to join Slavia, thinking he has the capability to beat the communists. As Rickroll revealed later, sxiv was actually recruited long before the war, however upon recruitment it was decided that he will act like he isn't a part of Slavia to gain advantage from this. A side-effect of this decision was the underestimation of Slavian power by Urfin. After finally joining Slavia formally, the CIA agent American sxiv became heavily involved into the war, touring in Gribostan, fighting and stealing. In response, FROST1, following the orders from Urfin_Djus stole beacons from Slavnograd and Nikolaev, which in turn provoked sxiv and merril to attack.

Creation of Polistan

In the middle of this all, Runaway_Zombie, frustrated with the resuming war, resigned and left to another edge of the map to form Polistan which will become the Nation of Polistan, an American “democratic” nation, taking with him some of the nationals of Gribostan. Polistan did not involve itself in the war and still remains neutral.

The Mutual Destruction

From here, things escalated quickly and uncomfortably - it was the beginning of Gribostani and Slavian mutual destruction. Several towns were withered and TNTed, and a lot of collateral damage was inflicted to surrounding areas. ArleKing's farm destroyed by FROST1 as a result of target-spotting mistake and G21_JARTOP's inability to read maps. As of September, 2022 stray withers from this battle still haunted the forests and hills around Gribostan.

Second Peace

After some drama took place inside Gribostan and in the real world, Urfin (who lives in Ukraine) suddenly became very busy IRL and left the nation to his right hand man, G21_JARTOP. He was a builder and didn't really give a shit about Slavia or the war, so when he became a new leader, he decided to go for peace with Rickroll immediately. This went as wrong as one could imagine with Gribostan, despite being the primary and repeated victim of the withers and having superior numbers and strength, getting humiliated and forced to pay large contributions to Slavia. This act, perceived by Urfin as a show of treason and stupidity, had permanently damaged his relationship with G21. Later in the March, G21 and his men (nearly all of former Gribostanians sans Urfin) decided to follow in RZ's footsteps and completely abandon the ruins of Gribostan. They went to the southern lands and created what would soon be known as Lunalus.


After the Mutual Destruction Battle, and to ensure his settlement's safety and complete reconstruction, merril seceded from Slavia with his settlements Westwern Nikolaev and Wyadreim and became apolitical.

Disgruntled with the situation and his clansmen, Urfin_Djus disbanded the nation of Gribostan and left to his secret hideout.

Lunalus and Somali, as successor nations, were formed from the ex members of Gribostan, Lunalus headed by G21_Jartop and Somali headed by Urfin_Djus. Neither was in conflict with Slavia nor eachother and neither survived for long.

The Third War (The Rematch)

The summer was relatively peaceful and nothing happened for a while. But then, merril's continuous shittalk against Ukrainians caught Urfin's attention. Urfin didn't forget the crimes commited against him by the Slavians, the betrayal of his closest allies and the destruction of his homeland. So in September, he decided to act. In 23/09, after reforming Gribostan with two brand new members I_am_Wendy and dorolickie, Urfin_Djus declared war on Slavia, citing past crimes as the casus beli. Small skirmishes genarally played out in favour of Gribostan, but were far from a decisive victory. Urfin_Djus withered Slavia and removed the gold blocks from the top of the towers. Since they were removed during absence of players from Slavia the damage to them was rollbacked and they were later hidden, leaving the tops bereft. Later Urfin stole some beacons from Slavnograd.

The Shop Incident

After losing two sets of netherite in skirmishes with Urfin and having his towns on the verge of being withered again, merril once again decided to secede into independent settlements. A day after that though, he was in a verbal exchange of blows with Urfin. The exchange quickly became physical once Urfin snuck into his shop which was on spawn territory. As a result, merril was banned for initiating and participating in an illegal pvp on spawn.

The Sculk Trap

The war dragged on throughout the October, but now the Slavians were logging out at sight of Gribostani forces. Frustrated by their behaviour and seeking revenge for the past, Urfin has constructed a doomsday device above Slavnograd which was activated by sculk sensors. A day later, sxiv logged in and triggered the trap. Despite him quickly climbing up and defusing the contraption, by that point the damage was already done and Slavnograd was once again reduced to ruins.

The Unrelated Ethnic Attack

After a verbal conflict with Urfin, G21_Jartop sperged and decided to bomb Wendy's home. He used an alt and “clever” exchanges of TNT to made it seem related to the Urfin's attack on Slavian capital. Slavia had no hand in this and the matter was resolved quickly. G21_Jartop's builds were given to Wendy after G21_Jartop tried laying blame on someone else and kept lying.

Sxiv's Retaliation

Sxiv withered and has done limited damage to the already damaged Gribostan. He also lost wither heads and his chest in a failed attempt to summon.

The Finale

On the 11th of November Rickroll, who was facing an imminent dissolution of Slavia to lack of activity, made his last desperate raid on Gribostan. Just like the day it all started, Tsar fought alone and was outnumbered by the defenders. Just like the day it all started, Rickroll flew around the town on elytras, spawning withers here and there whilst being chased by the defenders. And just like theday it all started, he died near the Gribostani crop fields to Urfin's sword, losing all the wither heads and equipment.

Rickroll didn't return to the battle and the next day, Slavia was disbanded.


Brilliant interaction

After Slavia got disbanded, Gribostan followed shortly after due to the lack of activity. For several months, nothing really happened and server once again became stagnant.

However, in May 2023 Gribostan saw a resurgence in activity. Fort Subwehr was constructed in previously Slavian territory, which led to a fair amount of butthurt involving Urfin and Merril. This couldn't escalate anywhere however, since neither nation legally existed at the time.

On the 10th of May, 2023, an unknown bug happened to the LWC Protection plugin. Urfin took quickest notice of this and used the opening to loot some stuff in Slavnograd, including obsidian, resources and potion ingridients. Five days later, he was caught by Salah and banned for a week, stealing bad.

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