Kingdom of Wyadreim

Location -627, -2845 Map
Local Languages Russian, other Slavic languages and English
Government King Merril
Leader merril
Establishment 24-04-20
Population ~5

Settlement includes the territory of the town of Wyadreim and Western Nikolaev Kremlin. The first fortress was founded on the 1st of May, 2020 by Knyaz merril as Slavia colony. The Western Nikolaev Kremlin was founded on the 12th of March, 2021. 1.10.2022 withdrew from Slavia due to the threat of the terrorist group of “gribostan”

The Fortress and the Town of Wyadreim were built in a field near a Dark Forest a Birch Grove. The Princely Castle was built on the hill closest to the field. The Church of St. Vladimir was built nearby to the castle. The Town is divided into two parts: the square in front of the castle, street on this side (the old part), and the area behind the castle (the new part). There is a market in the new part.

In the first battle with Gribostan, the Wyadreim army was not directed to attack the separatist group, although the city was in close proximity to Wyadreim, but at the beginning of the second campaign this fact was not taken into account. Due to their illegal infiltration of the territory of Wyadreim and stolen beacons of the city, Knyaz Merrill, together with Sxiv, went to punish the Gribostan henchmen. Two members of Gribostan were defeated. Despite the fact that it was a small skirmish of soldiers, in a fair fight, and the fact that the leader of the terrorist group “Socialist Republic of Gribostan” Urfin Jude, presenting himself as an honest warrior, officially agreed to start full-scale battles only with the participation of the Tsar Rickroll after the shameful defeat of two of his soldiers in a battle with two other ordinary soldiers, he decided to forget about his promise and attacked the cities with the order to destroy Wyadreim and Slavnograd. To destroy cities, they created many Withers. Heavy damage was inflicted on the capital, but Wyadreim suffered a heavier blow, since the city was closer to the enemy's base. Dozens of Withers were sent to Wyadreim. Throughout the entire war, the defense forces repeatedly repelled the attacks of the hostile creatures. Even without the help of Withers, the Gribostani managed to destroy and blow up a lot with their own hands. The attacks on our cities immediately triggered our response. Soon Tsar Rickroll joined the battle. to whom we reported about the sudden situation. We attacked the territories of Gribostan, destroying farms, warehouses of military resources with equipment, potions, chemical weapons. Although we were less prepared after a minor skirmish for such heavy attacks from the enemy, but we gave them the fight they wanted so much. We destroyed their base with smaller forces even more than they damaged two of our cities. They didn't realize that their actions against us were useless from the beginning.

I have prepared an explanation of the reasons for Wyadreim's withdrawal from the nation of Slavia at the beginning of the “new war” with terrorist group of “gribostan”. The reason in the nature of the war, in which, even in the case of victory, Slavia will absolutely not receive any advantages and its cities will be grifered and destroyed. Having considered the fact that the head of terrorist group of “gribostan”, the bastard urfin-jude, is a psychopath who wants to bring grief, destroy people's work, steal other people's property, while doing it completely calmly and risking absolutely nothing. Legally, urfin can create, like any person, a nation of three people, according to the rules of the server, having his old destroyed settlement in the previous war, without risking anything, since he never considered the values of his base, since this settlement was built by his old team members, from which you can make G21 Jartop, who decided to leave the second war with Slavia and to separate from the idiot urfin into a separate apolitical settlement, which urfin could not influence or threaten, so as not to endanger the work that G21 and other former members of “gribostan” built. Therefore, urfin, using the rules of the server, once again declared war on Slavia. In turn, Slavia cannot avenge the damage caused to the clan's cities, since urfin's settlement is of no value to him. Urfin can easily griefering the settlements of Slavia with using of Withers, whose damage at the end of the war will be extremely difficult to restore. Salah, at the end of the war, is not going to help anyone in the rollback. Thus I explained the complete pointless of this conflit. Urfin will satisfy any outcome of the war. Slavia will win, but its cities will be destroyed without the right to rollback. But If Wyadreim gets out of the conflict now, then settlement will not suffer more damage from Withers or other types of griefing. Urfin-jude is a madman who only wants to upset people with grifering, take away their time for the game, forcing them to draw attention to him. I think it's pointless to dance to his tune of self-esteem, attention deficit, and other shit to waste our time on this stupid idiot. I am aware of the thinking of Urfin, who is a minecraft nerd- pvp player without life

Sufficient natural resources for self-sufficiency of the settlement

Protects the settlement from the attacks of faggots

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