Polistan (Settlement)

Location -2000 by 3550
Language English
Government Direct Democracy
Leader Runaway_Zombie
Establishment 2-17-22
Population ~5

The Foundation

On February 17th of 2022, frustrated by war in Gribostan, Runaway_Zombie, with new server member Nukecraft, went off into the far southern wilderness in hopes of finding a new beginning, which they soon did. With the help of Midriatic and one other person (Anonymous), they began to create Polistan.

Polistan is located by the jungle, with its capital (Burnham) on an bamboo island. In Northern Old Polistan, there lies a desert, a bit of jungle with a temple, and some icy waters off its eastern shoreline.

With much of Polistan residing in 1.18 terrain, there are plenty of wonderful caves below it, full of yet untapped riches.

Currently Polistan is focused on developing roads, borders, bridges and more, so it can one day become a nation.

The government of Polistan is at the moment rather underdeveloped, being as it was so recently founded, but Polistan does look to create a strong government, in favor of its people.






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