The Mutual DestructionPart of the Second Gribostan-Slavian War
Dates 18th of February, 2022
Location Gribostan, Slavnograd, Nikolaev and Wyadreim
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Slavia Socialist Republic of Gribostan
Leaders and Commanders
Tsar Rickroll Urfin_Djus
4 6?
1-2? 10-20?

“By decision of people of Gribostan, from now on so-called Slavia is declared a terrorist organization of monarchists and reactionists and an existential threat to progress, worldwide peace and prosperity. (…) We don't negotiate with terrorists. The recidivistic perpetrators of war crimes, of crimes against humanity shall be brought to justice.” - Urfin_Djus

What started as beacon stealing competition and minor skirmishes here and there ended up escalating to the point of two nations nuking eachother with withers.

After a succesful defence of Gribostan and getting independence from Slavia, Urfin wasn't satisfied by peace conditions he and Rickroll ended up signing, as well as got pretty annoyed by merril's continuous shittalk towards him and Gribostan in general. On January 29th, 2022 Urfin_Djus sent an ultimatum to Rickroll, demanding compensation for the bombing and several other things, which Rickroll rejected. And thus, the war began.

The war has already been going for two and a half weeks, but everything was strangely quiet. In an attempt to save his nation from dissolving due to insufficient active members, Rickroll invited sxiv to join Slavia. After accepting his invite, sxiv very quickly began getting involved into the war, repeatedly visiting Gribostan, skirmishing with G21_JARTOP, breaking blocks and stealing beacons. In response, FROST1, executing Urfin_Djus' orders, took the beacons from Slavnograd and Nikolaev, thus provoking sxiv and merril to attack.

The beginning

sxiv and merril entered Gribostan and encountered FROST1, who had just returned home and wasn't prepared for fighting. They quickly overran and cornered him, killing him for the first time. FROST1 set off the alarm and called for reinforcements in the face of Yeruzo and Urfin_Djus. When they arrived, sxiv retreated, and merril logged off in combat, losing the first micro-battle as well as the initiative.

The Chaos

In an attempt to regain the initiative and force sxiv and merril back on the battlefield, Urfin_Djus flew to Slavnograd and pressed the W button, summoning first withers of the war and going past the point of no return. FROST1 in the meantime was doing the same thing in Nikolaev. After a while, sxiv rejoined the battle, attacking FROST1, but he retreated. Urfin_Djus came back to Gribostan to fight sxiv. sxiv attempted to retreat using elytra, but Urfin chased him on elytra of his own. The two fought in the air for a bit, but ended up landing on top of some random platform high up in the sky. An epic anime duel ended with sxiv flying away yet again and dissapearing into the fog of war. Urfin returned to Slavnograd and spawned some more withers, as well as robbing the city of anything valuable, including gold and diamonds from churches and squares. After hitting important targets like villager farm, Urfin thought his side was victorious and left the game. Initially - nine withers were spawned around Slavia. Three in Wyadreim and six in Slavnograd.

But sxiv and merril were not just hiding doing nothing. They prepared a response attack on the heart of Gribostan's capital, devastating the town with withers and TNT. FROST1 desperately tried to defend it, but died multiple times and the withers were only killed when main forces of Gribostan, including NewtonSava and G21_JARTOP arrived. Withers left most of the town in shamles - almost all the buildings were considerably damaged, additionally - withers killed most of yews and horses in Gribostan. It took them some effort to liberate the city and they died several times in the process. Together with FROST1 and Yeruza, they encountered sxiv, who followed the footsteps of merril and logged off in combat.

Around that time, G21_JARTOP and merril probably died in the void due to unknown causes.

Later in the evening, NewtonSava caught Rickroll placing furnances to obscure chests in Gribostan and attacked him. Rickroll also logged off, and Sava together with G21 filled the place where he did that with lava and furnances, which killed him on return, however with usage of glitches and sxiv's help Rickroll was able to secure his items.

The battle ended with a technical victory of Gribostan due to all members of Slavia logging off in combat. The following morning war continued with Urfin spawning some more withers, this time focusing om merril's towns, and two sides, despite laying in shambles, refuse to negotiate on peace conditions. Rickroll and merril also made several sorties into enemy territory, destroying farms and killing villagers.

But it was late February, so the situation soon rapidly changed because of drama inside Gribostan and in real life.


  • Alphazona was banned for a week for using a forbidden client when hostilities took place (wasn't actually involved in fighting).
  • FROST1 was banned for a month due to his TNTing ArleKing's farm which is located in neutral territory and unrelated to either wise of the conflict. - Investigation ongoing


Several international journalists observed the battle.

Slavia: Slavnograd, Wyadreim and Nikolaev strongly damaged and looted, most important villagers killed. Gribostan: Heavy damage, nearly all villagers killed, a lot of chests blocked with furnaces. Neutral parties:

  1. ArleKing's farm was TNTed beyong recognition, to the point it looked like a Withering. Discovered to be a TNT attack after rollback of wither attacks in the radius of the farm changed nothing.
  2. Server crashed due to a rollback attempt of TNT grief.
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