Slavnograd with borders
Location -381; -2425
Local Languages Russian, Slovio, every slavic language
Government Tsar and his Boyar Thought
Leader Tsar Rickroll
Establishment 29-03-2020
Population ~4

Capital of Slavia, slavic tsardom

Was founded by Rickroll as capital of future state, first inhabitats - former IMP members. Nealrly 2 of April at Slavnograd starts construction of Holy Cross Exalation Cathedral. Town becoming bigger, food supplement of city finally established in 7 of April. 8 of April Ricroll publishes Ricrollian Truth or Правду Рикролла, first collection of Slavnograd laws. Wall construction began shortly after the city foundation, but isn't finished untill now. In July of 2020 BlakkCooper paved the road to the ALWX industrial district (Beacon island 3), know as Blakk Gold Path, a month later construction of Slavnograd port started. In 18th october of 2020 Cathedral Square was complete. The cathedral was completed in january of 2021, first Kremlin gate was built month later.

Holy Cross Exalation Cathedral, Tsar's palace, Column of Law, Rotunda of Law, Kremlin, city port.

Rich mountain mines provide Slavnograd wealth and inexhaustible stream of jewels, as well as yevs provide rich choise of goods. Iron farm, improved cobblestone generator, sugar cane farm and wither farm, which were added during development of the city, improved life in it and Slavia overall significantly.

13/05/20 Rickroll started grand yew massacre. All villagers with mountain model were killed. Answer of villagers community were trade sanctions and 3 iron golems militia, one of golems stayed loyal to government and was repaired by remains of riot golems. In forgotten date house of Royal Farmer Nox_tired was connected to the Tsar's palace, despite Nox being against it. After state provided Nox with new mansion in the forest (nowadays - Royal residence in Wyadreim), Nox's house in Slavnograd was demolished.

Tsar of Slavia and self-proclaimed slavs liberator(I personally dunno from what i liberate them btw) Rickroll tyrannically controls Slavnogrd architecture (and a bit of life too)

Rickroll, zhabka_zhaba, Dredak, nox_tired, nox friend whoose name i forget, Dobry_Ptic, BlakkCooper, Sxiv

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