Battle of Gribostan

Battle of Gribostan
Dates 29th of December, 2021
Location Gribostan
Result Several buildings damaged, attack repelled
Slavia Socialist Republic of Gribostan
Leaders and Commanders
Tsar Rickroll Urfin_Djus
~10 withers
~10 withers
20+ villagers

Tsar Rickroll of Slavia somehow found out about his Local Knyaz Urfin_Djus planning a revolt against him, so he issued an ultimatum and, upon refusal, bombed the rebelous town, but took heavy casualities in the process.

Rickroll demanding a surrender.

As an outstanding autist he is, Urfin joined Slavia just to revolt against it later with his friends from Gribostan. They planned to attack on 1st of January, but Tsar Rickroll of Slavia got to know about it in advance. On 29th of December, he called Urfin to Slavnograd and threatened him with withers. Taken by surprise, Urfin tried to stretch out the negotiations as long as possible, using the gained time to prepare for battle.

Rickroll flew to Gribostan with a lot of wither skulls and demanded Urfin and other citizens to give up their weapons and armor. Urfin responded by opening fire. Rickroll tried to escape, but was caught up and killed. Defenders barricaded his cenotaph with obsidian and began to wait. Rickroll arrived again and started spawning withets around the town, causing chaos and destruction.

Rickroll spawning a wither.

During the wither bombardement, Rickroll targeted economically vital objects of Gribostan, including a villager farm, crop fields and animal pens. He used an elytra, the extreme mobility of which allowed him to strike in different places very quickly. This disorganised the defenders and dispersed them around the town At this point, several of them died, struggling to stop the withers or reduce the damade. Rickroll immidiately tried to take advantage of the confusion and attempted to yoink back his stuff from cenotaph, but was stopped by obsidian and Urfin's arrows and barely escaped on half a heart.

Rick near his cenotaph.

Despite that, Tsar continued the bombardement and spawned some more withers, but this time defenders put their crap together, giving an organized fight, killing Rick a second time. He returned anyway, with a gear that was far from perfect, spawned yet another wither and took another shot at taking back his stuff only to be stopped once more and get chased around the Gribostan walls. Cornered, he asked Urfin to stop the fight, but died to his own wither.

Rickroll admits defeat

Rickroll admitted defeat in a battle, but initially refused to agree to peace conditions, proposed by Urfin. Gribostan was de-facto controlled by Urfin, but its independence has not been achieved for a while. Both sides kept threatening eachother with a followup battle, but ended up eventually signing a peace agreement, which turned out to be temporary. Usage of Withers by Rickroll sow deep hatred for Slavia in Urfin's soul.


Several important buildings and all of Gribostan's villagers and mobs.

Video of the event

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