Peace treaty of Slavia and Gribostan

The Following treaty defines the peace between the Tsardom of Slavia and Socialist Republic of Gribostan. Signed on March 8th, 2022. The terms of treaty are thus:

1) Slavia and Gribostan preserve their intial borders

2) Slavia and Gribostan remain independent

3) Slavia and Gribostan pledge not to war with each other again

4) Gribostan will return all wither skulls and enchanted golden apples obtained during the conflict

5) In case if Salah won't return villagers, Gribostan will pay a contribution - 1 diamond per each normal villager and 10 per villager with mending

Signatures below this line

Rick, Tsar of Slavia

G21, Leader of Socialist Republic of Gribostan

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