Location 0 -3000
Local Languages Russian
Government an elected leader
Leader Urfin_Djus
Establishment 20th December 2021
Population 3

Gribostan is a settlment of some refugees of a nation with the same name that existed on another server. Is currently a region of newly-founded Socialist Republic of Gribostan.

Before /int/

Gribostan originally was a nation, founded by Urfin_Djus and G21_JARTOP on some Russian shithole server. Main purpose of this nation was defence of its citizens, but after several wars against griefers it got ultimately crushed and forced underground.

Urfins first term as a leader came to an end. People of Gribostan held an election, and he lost. New leader immediately banished Urfin and his supporters from the nation. In search for a new home, they stumbled upon /int/ and decided to build it here.


On 20th December 2021, Urfin_Djus and G21_JARTOP began the construction of the town, thus claiming the settlements land as their own. As days went by, the settlement rapidly expanded, as well as its population. SATOU228922, another refugee, was accepted, and FROST1, Alphazona and igoryas followed shortly after.

Part of Slavia

On 24th of December Urfin and Rickroll signed a treaty, by which Gribostan became one of many Slavia's regions. Urfin was granted a rank of a Local Knyaz', and all inhabitats of Gribostan became citizens of Slavia.

Gribostan's War of Independence

On 29th of December the town was massively damaged by withers, used by Rickroll in the Battle of Gribostan.

Gribostan is located in a birch forest with some ass of a terrain. This means that each new construction requires terraforming and tree-chopping first. Borders conveniently happen to be along the rivers and lakes, making defence significantly easier in the event of invasion.

It is close to the tsardom of Slavia and is also pretty close to some North Pole settlement.

Already self-sufficient. Gribostan has its own mine and several farms, including a pig farm and a giant carrot farm producing resources and food for citizens. Birch forest and an artificial oak forest serve as a source of the majority of building materials. Some items may be individually bought from spawn, but in general town does not depend on trade to survive.

On December 26th thanks to effort of G21 and Urfin, a villager farm was finally complete, causing local economy to skyrocket. The boost was short-lived tho, as on 29th of December the farm became primary military target of Rickroll, resulting in its total destruction by withers with no villagers surviving.

what the fuck is that giant floating thing that covers half of our territory on isometric map

lightning hits the pig farm, turning around 20 pigs into zombies, normal pigs terryfied

A pillager raid happens, followed by a zombie horde attack shortly after. Urfin resorts to using military to hold the ground.

Moss spreads uncontrollably around the town, nobody cares tho.

Gribostan traditionally has a leader that was elected once a month. Last time though it did not go well, so currently we are questioning this idea.

Urfin_Djus, current nation leader and main armed force. Played on /int/ before and was banned from the server in the past.

I_am_Wendy, Wendy.

dorolickie, Urfin's IRL friend and a chess master.

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