Myropa Islands

Myropa Islands
Location 815 X, -11860 Z
Local Languages German
Demonyn Myropean
Government Dictatorship
Leader Disco_Polo
Establishment 1st October 2013
Population 1

The Myropa Islands are a small archipelago in a secluded northern ocean, and P_P_A's last settlement on Oceania (for now).


The islands were discovered on the 20th of February 2013 by MystiaLorelei, Rosenmann, and PPA, after whom they are named. That day, the three explorers had embarked on a journey towards the yet completely unexplored northern ocean. They met at Hexeninsel, and headed north, towards and beyond the straits separating the two oceans. Theirs was a long and arduous journey, impeded by the death of a crew member, the boats occasionally running aground, and plenty of lag. On their way, they discovered the swampy Rosenisland, and a large snowy one, and behind it three small islands, where they decided to end their journey.

The discovery of the Myropa Islands.

With what little resources they had taken with them, they tried to establish a small presence on the islands—trees were planted, seeds gathered. MystiaLorelei built a small hovel, Rosenmann a cobblehouse with a Kurwan flag, and P_P_A constructed a simplistic Dutch house from bricks gathered earlier on their journey. A brief exploration of the underground yielded a few diamonds.
As the night grew darker, the group dissolved, and the three of them returned home. Though memories had been made, the still unnamed islands were soon forgotten.


It was not until half a year later, in late September, that the islands could welcome back one of their discoverers. After the defeat in the War of Walschor Independence and the loss of Voelhaven, Madeuwe, and Exile Island, P_P_A was left without a place to continue building. Exhausted from war, and tired of unpleasant neighbours, he sought a place suited for a new, small, apolitical settlement. When he remembered the distant islands he and his friends had discovered much earlier that year, he immediately gathered building materials and one again journeyed towards the northern ocean.

Myropa today.

After a quick survey of the islands, planning began. Disco Polo was tasked with the construction work so that P_P_A could stay behind on Noord Wortland and supply him with resources from there. On the first of October, the four houses on the main island were already completed, followed on the next day by the settlement's church. After permission was sought from Rosenmann, the Kurwan's cobblehut on another island was torn down, replaced by a small windmill and potato fields. Within just a few days, the islands were inhabitable and self-sufficient.

The Myropa archipelago is made up of seven islands, not yet individually named. The biggest one hosts the main settlement; it is connected to Mystia's, where his small hovel remains, by a small bridge. Rosenmann's island, the second biggest, has been converted to agricultural use, and produces wheat and potatoes in the shadow of a small windmill and a restored Kurwan flag.

Despite the islands' small size, they can grow enough food to supply its inhabitants and have a surplus. Originally, the import of cattle and Yevish merchants was planned, but after the move to Alpha's Realm, these plans were put on indefinite hold.


A primitive Kijiman hut.

As the settlers of the Myropa Islands were mainly refugees from Exile Island and Madeuwe Island, they brought with them their cultural and architectonic traditions. Two of the islands' houses are based on ones from the Walschorer settlement on Exile Island, which was dconstructed after the population was expelled by the Finngols following the Battle of Madeuwe. Seeds and potatoes from Madeuwe were used to sow the fields supplying the exiles' new home.
Traces of Kijiman culture remain on Mystia's island.

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