Ascunse Pădure

Ascunse Pădure Hidden Forest Bosque Escondido Versteckte Wald
Local Languages English
Demonyn Ascunsian
Government Kingdom
Leader Mystia Lorelei
Establishment 12-8-2013
Population 2
Abbreviation A.P.
National Anthem
Motto The Bells are calling.

Ascunse Pădure is a forest settlement located in the peninsula of the same name. The Kingdom has 2 small towns and one large monastery, which is still being built. The lands of the Kingdom also include the Rumia Mountains to the west.


Age of Discovery / Founding

Age of Consolidation

Home Archipelago

Overseas Territories

The kingdom of Ascunse has liberty of Religion, but such as it is 90% of its population adheres to the Romanian Orthodox Church.

Poor with no mines. ; w ;

MystiaLorelei is the founder and ruler of the tiny settlement. She is Queen of her small domain, where she overseas everything that happens.

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