This page is out of date due to the Abandoned nature of this settlement.

Karak Khaldun

Home of the Exiled Breshikans

Mount Rucheim
Karak Khaldun
Flag of Karak Khaldun
Flag of Karak Khaldun

Coat of Arms of Karak Khaldun
Location Coordinates
1200 -700
Local Languages Breshikan English
Breshikan Dwarvish
Breshikan German
Government Dwarven Monarchy
Leader Shakomatic
Establishment 12-22-13
Population like one nowadays
National Bird Potoo

The Breshikans After Fleeing the Clutches of the old world settled in the land of somerset only to be pushed out by other exiles, Kreigers(aka Kreigsteinians) pushed the breshikans back into the mountians.

Located in the Rucheim Mountians bordered by the Wynterlyn provinces of arcruz, NY Eldaria, and Fort Anubis. to the West lies the KlamDau city States. The Karak owns a small part of the great forest of Hellenshire Wood.

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The Government structure of this Karak is rather Authoritarian. The King Shakomatic has final say on all happenings of the karak and appoints captians and lieutenants to positions of authority over the other dwarflings.

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