AltschwabenlandPostponed Upcoming Federal Empire Of Altschwabenland

“Autism aude, incipe.”
Government Absolutism
Establishment 7-12-2013
First servant of the state _glo
Abbreviation ASL

Altschwabenland, which is, to be precise, just the name for a group of settlements, is one of the oldest sites in Alphas Realm. It was established on the first day of NEWMAPNAO by _glo, who is completely in charge of everything down to the present day.
Altschwabenland is proud member of glorious Republic of Ender.

After a long and depressing time on Oceania, the glorious first settlers took the opportunity to start a new and promising project on the dawn of NEWMAPNAO on the 7th of December 2013. Unfortunately, he was not at home on this long awaited day of a new era and had to struggle around with his shitty notebook using a pointing stick and touchpad. He was very sad mett about this, so he only claimed some lands and build a house made of spruce planks. When PPA agreed that it was the most ugly thing ever built, it was taken down and replaced by the renowned house of Neu Altschwabenland bearing house number 1, which can be visited down to the present day.

More and more buildings were built, and everything indicated the glorious future and the sky was covered in rainbows and children were singing and dancing in the green meadows and thriving woods, birds chirping in the trees women having flowers in their hair innocent harmony beautiful hippie happy sunshine warmth.

Then, the infamous scallywag caBst startet his days of terror on this perfect young land.

The insidious rascal, known for his misdeeds, raised a claim on some parts of the chaste and undefiled realm of the still prospering young Altschwabenland to establish an evil empire and devour all the good things that have been living in the feisty glades by trenching a cave. Then a lot of stuff happened, the good and reasonable guys were victorious and the sneaky aggressor was banned. Currently, the wound he dug into the landscape is turned into a tourist attraction.

As of 14th of January 2014, Altschwabenland is now proudly announcing its accession to Ender.

Altschwabenland is just the politically insignificant term to describe the entirety of _glo's settlements. Currently, there are four districts, namely:

Neu Altschwabenland

Currently the most developed of the four settlements of Altschwabenland, Neu Altschwabenland consists of several residential houses as well as the temporary office and storage of Altschwabenland. It is best known for its famous clock tower and high narrow roofs. The buildings in Neu Altschwabenland are made of spruce, cobble, smooth stone and stone bricks, furnished with wooden roofs. Neu Altschwabenland is also the place where Altschwabenland was founded. The spot of the glorious foundation has been outfitted with a humble monument.

Notable buildings

  • Altschwabenland 1 - The first building of ASL, setting the style of the reagion back in 2013
  • Altschwabenland Library - currently under construction
  • The Wool House - Because you have to put the shit somewhere


Hinterforst is basically the breadbasket the recreational region of Altschwabenland. Surrounded by a gorgeous oak wood, the most delicious steaks of the whole map are produced here by very happy cows living in a very huge free-range area on a very green meadow in very freedom with very much space to go for a walk or two. Kleinod is also the main supplier for happy leather in Altschwabenland.


Niederwald has always been a nice place to take extensive walks or having a good fap in the woods. However, the growth and progress of Neu Altschwabenland demanded the price of onward deforestation. In the future, the forests of Niederwald will be replanted. Possibly, the central cemetery of Altschwabenland will be here too, romantically nestled in the shaded ground.

Burgschloss Altschwabenland

Basically a nice hill to build a castle on. Castle Ehrenrein (name is probably subject to change) will present the culture and power of Altschwabenland. At least when it has actually been built. The castle is set upon a small mountain in the very center of Altschwabenland region. Currently under construction, but yet a nice place to visit.

Friendship is magic? No. Altschwabenland tends to cooperate with other settlements and nations all of whom just don't suck.

  • The Defeat of the vicious baby aggressor caBst
  • Crusader in some random Pole genocide that has not even been documented here
  • Buttspanked by AlphaBernd for claiming too much land
  • by hearsay made some greater politics drama possible when _glo took a break for some time
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