Battle of Karak khaldun

Dates 1-25-14
LocationKarak Khaldun
Result Enton is gay
Ender banned
Enderian retreat
Flag Ender Republic
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Hino Flag Shako
4 3-9
Diamond armor The diamond armor they stole

Due to the ceaseless insults by the Enderians and their ilk Several Dwarven kings attempted to Diplomatically attempt to end the pointless rivalry between the nations in the interest of server peace and prosperity. The Barbaric Enderians being offended by such things as good grammar and civility attacked one of the least built up of the dwarven holds on the outskirts of the dwarven realm.

Shakomatic repeatedly griefed and attempted to annex his neighbors. Champions of justice and liberty, the Republic vocalized its concerns. In order to quell the abject poverty and squalor of the North, citizens of Ender constructed soup kitchens to provide much needed sustenance to their backwards neighbors of the north. Shakomatic, much like all dictators, refused the humanitarian aid and allowed northerners to starve to death.

Shakomatic approached Hino with an offer of a treaty in order to pave over his previous aggression. Hino agreed under the circumstances that Shakomatic would cease interfering with property rights of others' settlements.This treaty does not apply to Karak Khaldun, it is between Karak Wynterlyn and The Enderians as was agreed to by Hino and Niller.

Initially, Klamdau approached Ender for protection from Shako's aggression. Unfortunately, Shakomatic stated that interfering with tearing down PPA's wall and settlement or Onionland would constitute a breach of his property rights.

Still hopeful to reason with their backwards brothers to the North, BearMonger gave access to the Enderian pumpkin pie reserves to palin and Shakomatic.

A master of diplomacy, Shakomatic continued to violate the treaty with countless aggressions and support of the Kim Jong Bat regime. These events led to one conclusion: that Winterlyn is either unable to control its subjects or sponsors Shakomatic's violations of the treaty.not a subject of winterlyn

As time passed, Winterlyn's hold of the north deteriorated as Shakomatic manipulated niller into role playing dwarves with him despite the Conversion of Wynterlyn into the Dwarven Realm and adoption of Dwarven Culture act's unilateral rejection by Winterlyn.

These countless acts of aggression could not go unnoticed.

Shakomatic signed on and accused Glitchy of accusing niller of DDoS. This accusation was met with an uproar of laughter since the north lacked the technological capabilities to do such a thing. Outraged, Shakomatic threatened to violate the treaty once more by killing Glitchy. Hino appropriately asked if Shakomatic was 100% sure of what he was saying and asked if the opposite would hold true and to answer carefully. Shako stated yes and agreed to the terms of war. However, Enton, living up to the island's name, says this does not constitute an agreement.

Shakomatic's declaration of war

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Jan 25 11:53:19 <houdini> [G] Shakomatic: hino
Jan 25 11:53:30 <houdini> [G] Shakomatic: your monkey accused my people of ddos
Jan 25 11:53:34 <houdini> [G] Shakomatic: control that faggot
Jan 25 11:53:55 <houdini> [G] Hinoarashi: What are you talking about?
Jan 25 11:54:09 <houdini> [G] Septicaemia: glitchy accuses niller of DDOS
Jan 25 11:54:12 <houdini> [G] wannabe: this biome belongs to die unterirdische riech
Jan 25 11:54:13 <houdini> [G] Shakomatic: his behavior is unnaceptable
Jan 25 11:54:42 <houdini> [G] Hinoarashi: Glitch is free to do as he pleases. I would not expect niller to control you either.
Jan 25 11:55:08 <houdini> [G] Shakomatic: we will deal with glitchy our way then
Jan 25 11:56:44 <houdini> [G] Hinoarashi: Excellent. Some activity.
Jan 25 11:58:21 <houdini> [G] Hinoarashi: Now, allow me to clarify. Are you suggesting leaders should control their citizens?
Jan 25 11:59:01 <houdini> [G] Hinoarashi: Mind you, Shako. Answer this carefully!
Jan 25 12:00:14 <houdini> [G] Shakomatic: this is where the ender fails
Jan 25 12:00:28 <houdini> [G] Hinoarashi: Can you answer the question? It's a simple yes or no.
Jan 25 12:00:32 <houdini> [G] Shakomatic: what a waste of a nation
Jan 25 12:00:37 <houdini> [G] Telendil: holocausting time
Jan 25 12:01:06 <houdini> [G] Shakomatic: oh
Jan 25 12:01:09 <houdini> [G] Shakomatic: yes
Jan 25 12:01:17 <houdini> [G] Hinoarashi: Excellent!

The Battle

Hinoarashi snuck into Karak Khaldun on the evening of the 25th of January and killed shakomatic as he stood afk in his house near the Boars Gate. She proceeded to prevent the dwarf from honourably fighting by killing him repeatedly before he could fully spawn in. Shakomatic let out a call to the other Dwarf holds and King palin4prez of Karak korindir was the first to answer. Killing hinoarashi, plain allowed shako to dawn his awmour and the two kings began inflicting kill after kill on the enderian attackers. The Enderains Eventually set off a WMD within the hold and fled the scene. Soon after the Enderains retreat to their capital the call to arms was heard by the condeurans, kreigsteiners and dwarfs of karak Winterlyn, along with various other players. A force was rallied and the withers were killed. Some say a wither still haunts hte halls of karak khaldun [spoiler] where the fuck is this thing [/spoiler]

After Shakomatic agreed to fight, Hino had to navigate through a clusterfuck of the north's lack of infrastructure and poorly built roads. Shakomatic continued to lob threats while Hino moved inside to Shako's cobble hill ( the only thing he's built on the server ) and killed him. Try as he may, Shakomatic was slain hundreds of times. palin attempted to assist Shakomatic to only be cut down. After a few minutes of Spawnkilling Hinoarashi was slain by Palin4prez. THe Two Kings began a counterattack now that the Dishonourable spawnkilling was over.

Shakomatic was slain by Hinoarashi using [FREEDOM].
Shakomatic was slain by Hinoarashi using [FREEDOM].
Shakomatic was slain by Hinoarashi using [FREEDOM].
Shakomatic was slain by Hinoarashi using [FREEDOM].
Shakomatic was slain by Hinoarashi using [FREEDOM].
Shakomatic was slain by Hinoarashi using [FREEDOM].
Shakomatic was slain by Hinoarashi using [FREEDOM].
Shakomatic was slain by Hinoarashi using [FREEDOM].
Shakomatic was slain by Hinoarashi using [FREEDOM].
Shakomatic was slain by Hinoarashi using [FREEDOM].
Shakomatic was slain by Hinoarashi using [FREEDOM].

Tefal showed up as backup and Hino was eventually outnumbered because Bear and Glitchy took their sweet old fucking time showing up. palin4prez managed to kill Hino and they robbed the death chest unlike the Enderians who did not touch a single one.

Glitch and Bear eventually showed up and the fighting went back and forth for a while.In desperation, palin fled the battlefield and bombed the sugar factory, killed by Glitchy and BearMonger in the process. Bear and Shako both fought using flyhacks and sparred in the sky like dragon ball Z. When low on health, Shako exploited /home and /work to flee.

Withers were set off and pretty much killed both sides, wrecking havoc onto the mountain and its surrounding. Enton signed on to back up Shako, adamantly insisting the Enderians bombed their own sugar factory. The Enderians had to leave the battle and head back to D.E. to show Enton to stop being retarded and the melon block provided evidence of palin's actions. To top off his rounds of Mod abuse, Enton banned one side of the battle for “disproportionate retribution” and refused to take action against palin for bombing the sugar plant.

Aid from multiple server goers, such as Eagle_warlord and the Modern Republic Of Condeura was required to finally slay the foul beasts. While Darynu managed to do a whole lot of nothing, his general, wickedsparrow, was actually a primary soldier in defeating the second wither.

Despite previously providing friendly material modbuse for Ender, Enton saw his friend was in danger and used bans to turn the tide.

The Defeat of the Enderians at the3 hands of the Dwarven coalition forced a retreat from karak khaldun. Soonafter Enton signed on and noticed the malitious greifign outside of that common to nations he bamnned all the Enderians who took part.

Enton was gay and stated that helping dwarves dig is more serious of an offense than bombing advanced redstone machines. Shako declared victory that Enton banned his opponents and he got a couple of suits of armor in the chaos. In a twist of irony, the suits of armor Shako had gained were destroyed in the effort to kill the withers. Basically Shako got 3 free withers and all of his damage got rolledback, yet he claims heavy losses and is severely butthurt insisting on overly long bans for the poor Enderians who fought to defend their homes and the freedom of all people of the server.

Activity peaked during the battle, everyone had fun. Heavy damage was done to the Mountian home of the northernmost Dwarves was heavily damaged but in the end it was just rolledback anyway. Everyone had fun but Shakomatic who has a stick up his ass.

These people cant even manage to get to the planned battle stage of a war because they cant troll within the rules, if you see them keep laughing. t. areteee about Ender Republic.

Ender proven to be affiliated to Islamic terrorist groups, going so far to destroy their “allies”. t. Sidmarcus01 about Ender Republic and their bombing of Klamdau

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