New AvenceLatin:Nova Avencii
German:Neu Avenzig
Local Languages English
Demonyn Avencer
Government Town Council
Leader Shakomatic
Establishment 23/9/2012
Population 3
Abbreviation None

Nova Avence or its official title “Neu Avenzig” is the Capital of the Apostolic Kingdom of Avence.


Created upon shakomatics return to the realm, Nova avence is a town constantly struggling to grow, with most construction projects being undertaken by a select few individuals.

The Wither decides what gets built, what gets destroyed, and what gets taught in history class.

Nova Avence is Situated on a Peninsula between the Daranyi Rives and the Lugal River in eastern Danik. A recent Project has been undertaken to redirect the daranyi river into a straight canal, effects on local wildlife are yet to be understood. The City boasts a number of remarkable and memorable buildings, from the Basilica of St. Michael to Vargisk Castle, to the Brehsikan National Guard armoury.

Breshikan Embassy

The Badface Company and Breshik currently both have embassies dedicated to each other. The Embassy of Badface Company in Breshik was established two days before the Breshikan Embessy in North Badface was built. To the left is the interior of the Embassy to Badface Company in Nova Avence.

Wither will do this alter also

A town council of notable residents runs the city.

The Wither decides all laws and controls all government.


Wither will write this later

  • Shakomatic (Kiaser)
  • Juinn (Prime Minister of Avence)
  • RebelBaron (Grandmaster of the Knights)
  • Msyu21
  • CCarico
  • ddigorino
  • Hexphile
  • Fireseeker
  • mikeyred73
  • mantis
  • Tasu
  • P_P_A
  • Zero117
  • Spartan216
  • Sidmarcus01
  • Wither
  • Another Wither
  • Third Wither
  • Little Wither childred waiting to be born

Lord Witherus controls Nova Avence despite what anyone else may claim. He rules this city and all of its inhabitants. The humans have no rights, only Withers may roam free.

He awakens from his slumber at odd intervals and the people of avence are tasked with destroying him each time, paradise comes with drawbacks.

A Nova Avencian strolling along his home.

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