The Juinndatenland

The Juinndatenland
Location: X -5630, Z -7955
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Nether Space
Local Languages: English
Government: Autonomous Autocracy
Leader: Juinn
Establishment: 29-12-2012
Population: ~1
Political Affiliations: The Church of the Holy Feel
National Affiliation: None at this time

The Juinndaten mainland, or simply Juinn-Town, is Juinn's primary settlement in North Oceania. There are also a few independent islands claimed by the Juinndaten government.

 Blue = Mine, Yellow = Would like to have

Feeling out of place in the glorious robust autisms of Nova Avence, and lonely during the holiday times, Juinn retreated to the distant countryside, to find an adjacent island to work out their hellish ukranian architecture unique cozy autisms with less fear of Breshik's leader provoking grief attacks.

As a Breshik Affiliate

During the Avencian period of the Breshik state, the Juinndatenland cooperated with Breshik as an informal affiliate in a trade union-like relationship. However, with the departure of Shakomatic, the Juinndatenland receded ties and has internalized to a formal unaffiliated settlement.


Currently a cozy natural look dotted with small netherrack fires as far as the eye can see. The Juinndaten Nether Zone is perhaps one of the most groomed of any nation or settlement.


Tasunia is largely a jungle forest reserve with some winding paths and underground facilities. Most notably, an ancient outpost, seemingly predating time itself, was an early discovery of Breshikan pioneers and has since been preserved as an archeological heritage site. One which the Dirty mongols have seemingly set their eyes on as they set anchor just off its shore.

Juinn grabbed all the clay and diamon; which is why there is little surface work. The Juinndaten government hopes to encourage future tourisms and visitation as soon as key infrastructure and buildings are put into place, featuring invaluable artifacts and Holy Waters. The people also aspire to create some interesting redstone attractions in time.

The Dow Juinns

The Dow Juinns is HQ'd in the Juinndatenland. To date, its economic impact has been marginal.

There are few local buildings so it's cold when it rains. Thankfully 7% of the Juinndatenland landmass is fire, and another 8% is lava.

Recently, with the influx of peoples to the region, the Juinn Nether Castle, circa October 2012, has been appropriated and divided by these friendly forces. Thankfully, they are not stealing the glorious netherrack in any worrisome quantity.

While the mainland is Juinn's private time place, the Juinndaten government has agreed for a more active role with Breshik and is currently responsible for the termed “Juinndaten-Tasunia” county.

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