Languages English
Demonyn Kriegsteinian
Type of Government Oligarchy
Leaders Ralxtew, Sidmarcus01
Establishment 18-10-2012
Population 10
Abbreviation KS

Kriegstein is a bustling underground stronghold, located in the middle of nowhere surrounded by a seemingly endless ocean in the Depths Region. The nation's name is taken from the Germanic words “Krieg”, meaning 'War', and then “Stein”, meaning “Stone” (or rarely “pit”). Directly this obviously comes out as 'Stone War', but more a more liberal translation meaning “Stone Citadel” is preferred (Zitadelle-stein is much less catchy).


Kriegstein was originally founded by Razor1311 “the Heretic” and Ralxtew for no fucking reason as a mining facility project on a small island.. Different travellers and citizens from faraway lands joined the duo's autistic project, such as Sidmarcus01 and Termocaos. While Razor's and Ralxtew's tasks were that of exploring the ridiculously mineshaft/ravine-riddled depths directly below the tiny island, Sidmarcus01's was that of enriching the facility with an exquisite architectural style. Termocaos had the terrible chore of NOT BEING ONLINE. What terrible fate indeed.


The fall of the Estonian

Due to dangerously deadly amounts of mixed autism and butthurt, Razor1311 was forced to abandon the project. It was too late discovered that he is underage, and cannot solve insignificant problems in a polite and civilized manner. He was awarded the “Heretic” title after attempting to start a /b/ raid on the server, with minor griefing acts exclusive to the spawn. Fixing his misbehaviour took only a handful of seconds. His infamous title was chosen on the base of his board preferences.

<Razor1311> "MY FAVOURITE BOARD IS /b/ xD"

His return has been accounted several times in cryptic ways, but it is now merely a myth. It is said that the return of the Heretic will be accompanied by fiery storms of fire, a devastating mighty earthquake that will obliterate the Citadel, and worst of all, a wild herd of /b/ anoonislejun memespouters that do not know the meaning of feel and hate dragons.

Current state

The citadel is continuously homing new citizens and expanding its immense railway network across the stony depths of Autism. It recently became house of the Table of the Sacred council of Jews and capital of the Kriegstein Consortium, with the secondary task of being a very important base of commercial and technological research operations for Kriegcorp.

The citadel's architecture is being cared by both Ralxtew and Sidmarcus01. The style itself resembles a mix of post-imperialistic and pseudo-Asian, with a palette enforced in a dictatorial manner to the red and grey colours. Despite some of the building materials being extremely rare and difficult to gather in industrial amounts, the settlement's architecture style is applied even to latrines, as a symbol of might and power.

Kriegstein is the HQ for the highest important operations of the most lucrative and secretive jew group ever conceived: Kriegcorp. While it is in fact a mining facility, it covers a hefty slice of the smooth-stone/coal market, practically pulling the strings of everyone's lives without them ever aknowledging.

Sid in the main entry hall of Kriegstein



  • Termocaos
  • Dozer
  • Heazen
  • Bloatedfish
  • Mazznoff

Honorary Members

Honorary and highly exclusive NEVR 4GET past residents tier

  • Razor1311
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