Neu Juinnndatenland

Neu Juinnndatenland
Location: X -279, Z 5157
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Local Languages: English
Government: Autonomous Autocracy
Leader: Juinnn
Establishment: 11-4-2015
Population: ~1
Political Affiliations: The Church of the Holy Feel
National Affiliation: None at this time
Regent of Neu Juinndatenland, King Mush Cow

Neu Juinnndaten, or simply Juinnn-Town, is Juinnn's primary settlement in the South Sea and spiritual successor of The Juinndatenland; a distant outcropping on which Juinnn dumped all their crap and proceeded to shitbuild for months before making a house. (The house is still a work in progress)

Roused from the obscurity of underground CotHF Illuminati plotting monastic life Juinnn set sail on the azure South Sea where the Free Men lived, far from the urban decay and permeating emptiness of Neu Old Spawn, where noone tread and only the suffocating obscurity of once great autisms remained.

The journey was long and perilous, with no paths or portals to lead the way. On more than one occasion Juinnn faced death with only their instincts to keep them alive. Then one night Juinnn fell asleep and crashed/beached their upon a Mycelium island; a biome revered amongst the Juinnndaten peoples as it is free of unholy blight. The land was desolate, and their boat was unsalvageable, but the Juinnndaten people eventually carved out a settlement.

Giant mushrooms roam the island, serving as shelters and even farms.

While for many days the milk of the Mycelium Cows sustained the Juinnndaten people, eventually the desire for actual food led to the creation of mushtop gardens.


Neu Jew Fort
  • Neu Jew Fort - In respect to the resilience of the Yevvish people, a fort designed to withstand great trials and be functional.
The Deep Tower
  • The Deep Tower - A tall leafy tower that reaches down to the furthest depths
  • Government Hall
  • The Greenway

As in most cases establishing a mining facility has been a top priority. To date, The Deep Tower Project has provided many double chests of treasures. Meanwhile, The Neu Jew Fort Project has yielded considerable farming space and is projected to provide an abundance of crops which may free up resources for the creation of a leather farm. The Greenway project is approximately 50% complete, and will hopefully encourage tourism in the future.

There are few no local buildings so it's cold when it rains.

The quiet settlement type; for now.

  • Juinnn
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