Local Languages English
Demonyn Wissendorfian
Government Duchy
Leader Disputed: Ivanidiot/Venomthrope
Establishment 23/9/2012
Population 2
Abbreviation None

Wissendorf is a somewhat small, independent settlement, contained under a glass bubble, somewhat near Mombasa, New Rhodes. It is probably one of the most famous settlements for the series of raids that it has hosted.

Some time after the Soviet-Mongol war, a random newfriend, Ivanidiot, decided to join New Rhodes. He tried making a settlement before, set in the sky, but that failed, so he went to the sea. He decided to make a city inside a giant glass dome. He built for quite a while, but there was just too much water to drain, so he quit. However, Venomthrope offered his assistance, and Ivan convinced him to join Wissendorf, with Venomthrope becoming the first of 3 Council members. Then, building started, and finally, on 23/9/2012, Wissendorf was officially created. Later on in the day, perhaps after ill experiences with the absentee New Rhodes Government, the Burgermeister decided to become a territory of the then robust Breshik Empire.

Wissendorf then became the central headquarters of the Breshikan Royal Navy and Ivanidiot appointed Admiral of the Breshikan Fleet. Wissendorf was also the center of Breshikan weapons development and testing until larger facilities were to be established.

On October 5, the first armed engagement of the Mongol-Breshikan war took place in Wissendorf at the Raid of Wissendorf; instead of the Breshik mainland, or the Breshik capital that at the time did not have any convenient means of access.

Ivanidiot, still little more than a random newfriend who was trying to build a wondrous friendly little cozy town under the sea, disappeared probably due to butthurt caused by the Mongols raiding. Only days after the disapearance of Ivanidiot venomthrope declared him M.I.A. and went on to claim fully sovereignty over the settlement and its government, ultimately severing its ties with Breshik without a full council vote. This may have spared the city from some griefing if the Monogols continued their offensive, as the Breshikan military was unable to defend Wissendorf from mongoloids.

Ivanidiot returned a week or two later, only to find the dream he had so long envisioned and striven for was firmly in the grasp of Venom-AnthrĊpos. Ivan protested at first, but likely filled with a sense of defeatism facing off against a Member of the Staff soon backed off, instead deciding to again abandon days of hard fought survival mode work to create Wissendorf II.

Months later, on March 28th, 2013, NOTO acted on behalf of constituent Ivanidiot to attempt to liberate Old Wissendorf. The operation was an overwhelming success, however, given a contract that is likely a conflict of interests with renown terrorist elements Venom was poised to be reinstated. An ominous air loomed as Shakomatic and Sikander prepared to face off. Clay has been reclaimed by venomthrope and thus New Finngolia as ivans misconduct during his joining into breshik was proven to be against settlement rules and was thus void.

Wissendorf is primarily submerged in water, similar to Rapeture. Wissendorf is host to many interesting landmarks, one of which is Yevsville, an NPC village and largest trading center in the region.

Yevsville, a small trade village built inside the glass dome. Not to worry however, the Yevs are always kept locked inside and furnaces are on standby.

The Wissendorfian government is normally made administrated by Duke (Ivanidiot). Currently the de facto leader of Wissendorf is disputed by Venomthrope.


  • No letting yevs out of their designated area.
  • Do not break the glass dome.

Ivanidiot, Beloved, First Leader

Venomthrope, Also Beloved, Usurper Leader

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