Tetete (left) and AlphaBernd (right)

The Creator, AlphaBernd used to administer the server but decided to leave us because of his new social life GF and lack of interest in the game; however, he's still worshiped as a God-King by many players and nations that have given him many titles like Grand Imam in Battkhortostan, Mighty Sky-Wizard (who steals the reigning monarchs money) in the Kingdom of Breshik, Honourary Councilmember in the Kurwan Empire, Lord God in the Merchant Republic of West Rhodes and Evil Wizard in Kaiserstadt.

AlphaBernd is fondly remembered for having the mighty power of destroying bedrock and eliminating bordering chuncks without caring about people within them.

Eventually, AlphaBernd gave up on the server because of his social and sexual life passing the server on to you know who. However, Tetete is considered AlphaBernd's true successor.

Announced his return to the throne on 7th December 2013.

Announced his departure in December 2018, to be replaced by feliin.

Example of AlphaBernd being a cunt himself just like we love him and remember him.
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