Location: X -117, Z 370
Local Languages: English
Government: Direct Democracy
Mayor: SuperBat98
Establishment: 07-12-2013
Population: ~2
Religious Affiliations: The Church of the Holy Feel
National Affiliation: BellTower

NebisTown is a village that connect OldSpawn to BellTower with a hilly road.
Right now it's under the flag of Mercymnius.


NebisTown was founded on the first day of the Alpha's Realm, under the name of “Republic of Nebis”, by Juinn with the ambition of creating a cozy monastery amongst the cold and desolate terrain to shelter weary travelers and as a place of contemplation for the spiritually minded.

And it was acting within that ambition that by the gift of their last bread and a vestment of precious iron that Juinn earned the friendship of Ameribernd who helped to tame the rugged landscape and whom named the mountain “Nebis”.

Nebis is the location of the first known monastery of The Holy Feel on Alpha's Realm.
And the connection between the two sides of the Mount Bos.

After a year of abandonment, BellTower took this settlement because it was a “punch to the face” of that poor Mount Bos.
Now it's a village with a purpose. Yay!

  • SuperBat98, Mayor
  • Paper, just temporary.
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