Location -2230/-2060; Continent of Mū
Local Languages English, Polish
Government Cooperation
Governor dzidman
Establishment May 4th 2020
Population 2
National Affiliation Kingdom of Mū

State as of June 2nd, 2020 “The fort was founded in order to control the nearby strait. The crew consists mostly of Polish immigrants, and I will make an appropriate flag for the fort. The name comes from the fact that the bay nearby the fort resembles KC mod mother's vagina, and so it became 'The Bay of Whores'.” — Founder dzidman, May 2020

Within the area, the great fort is its own respectable local landmark. At about equal distances to the north and south ManicHexe's Watercube and the Crescent Bay Harbor, respectively, show prominently on the map as well.

During the first days of May, an amateur explorer named Dzidman shipwrecked at the continent's easternmost cap and, after managing to survive, decided to remain on solid ground and build himself a stately fort. Upon discovering the new neighbor when Austrocat announced his chosen location on May 4th, Dzidman was informed about the nation and later decided to accept the invitation to join by La Mu BearMonger as well as recruiting his friend Commit to do the same.

The fort itself was finished within the first two weeks. The massive amounts of sandstone used for the gigantic structure were mostly imported from faraway deserts, though available resources in the vicinity of the fort were also mined.
As a side project, Commit persuaded with much perseverance and care the giant oak tree Domb Bartek to grow on a small sandbank just north of the fort.
Following the completion of the building, a great moat was dug around the fort providing a veritable death trap for curious and careless intruders.
Around the end of May, yev housing was erected to the south, between the fort and the windmill with its corn fields acting as the nation's bread basket. Right next to it, an automated sugarcane farm and a small temple also emerged.

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