Flag of Jusnothertry
Location -2450/-2300; Continent of Mū
Local Languages English
Government Municipal Administration
Governor Jinxauthor_Mel
Establishment April 4th 2020
Population 1
National Affiliation formerly Kingdom of Mū

Surface View as of June 2nd, 2020 Territory Map

Settlement in the northeastern corner of the Continent of Mū, mostly concerned with subterranean development that can no longer be viewed on the map. Formerly self-declared industrial heart of a kingdom, for a time known best for its underground horse racetrack, currently mostly forgotten after over two years of abandonment.

Visitor's Comments:

  • “Oho, it's just like your old place.” — Santikaye, April 23rd 2020 (comparing tree caverns)
  • “It shows it's original. Really cool setup you got here.” — Austrocat, May 3rd 2020 (regarding Ocean Blue)
  • “Blunt but practical and assburger-like in a positive sense.” — Dzidman, May 7th 2020
  • “Wow. It looks great every time.” — nnvist, June 19th 2020 (regarding Racetrack)
  • “Great, this really inspires me.” — Nyuszika, July 12th (regarding jump height testing)
  • “I like look of this place, it is like classical minecraft base.” — Rickroll, July 24th 2020 (regarding Farm Levels)
  • “It's huge. So cool.” — squidpowell, July 24th 2020 (regarding the Racetrack)
  • “Creative System.” — TheGrimRimmer, August 21st 2020 (regarding Zoron)
  • “Wow, it's a whole building here.” — midriatic, April 21st 2023 (regarding Shortcut Cube)
  • “Decent shop btw.” — Urfin_Djus, May 1st 2023 (regarding Wool World)
  • “I must say this place is unlike anything I've ever seen. It boggles the mind. There is no way I could navigate here on my own, it's crazy how everything is interconnected. I think the Shortcut Cube was the craziest.” — RuBaraFag, May 7th 2023 (entirety of settlement)

Manor Island, the original foundation of the settlement, is surrounded by a couple smaller sandbanks and sunken rocks, all situated in a lukewarm ocean and half embraced by the mainland of the Continent of Mū to the south and west. Directly to the north floats the giant Watercube built by ManicHexe over the ocean and serves as an easily discernible landmark on the map, and about the same distance south the great fort Bahía de Putas rises atop a cap overlooking the narrow strait between the Pond and the Sea.


Invited to start building around his area by BearMonger - who is considered a known quantity, and moreover quality - the lone traveler grabbed a boat and crossed the later-designated Tyrrhenian Sea, the to-this-day-nameless Sea, the once-informally-called Mykalian Bay and the recently-named Cube Pond on April 4th in 2020.
The settlement was founded immediately upon reaching the area on that same day.

Development 2020

Within the first three weeks, remarkable inroads were made in the subterranean development. On the upper levels the produce and animal farms have taken shape, and on the lowest ground a cavern was excavated and allows the cultivation of all tree variants.

"Ocean Blue"

Our future fishing company's flagship Ocean Blue is providing indispensable revenue upon its excursions into the high seas, on the left seen anchored at night in the southern bay of Jusnothertry.
Constructed on April 10th, this ship claims the title of being the First Unsunken Vessel to Ever Sail the Seas of Harmony.

In order to guide surrounding seafarers into safe harbor during darkness and bad weather, the Acacia Lighthouse (seen on the right) was finished on April 29th and claims for itself the title of First Functioning Lighthouse of Harmony.

On April 30th, a grand project called The Racetrack was started with the objective of extending the subterranean animal level extensively toward the west and also constructing a training course for proper equestrian evaluation. On June 1st, the racetrack and jump parkours were completed, and July 27th saw the final stables installed on the lower row beneath the stands. The upper row, stands and access stairs were completed on August 22nd, after the work was set back repeatedly for national projects taking priority.

In August, summer laziness lamented that the various areas within the settlement were to far apart for walking, even by portal shortcuts via the nether due to the different levels and required stairways. In response to the outcry, all netherrack between the portals was eliminated and a great cubic hall established, more portals installed within and partly connected with scaffoldings to ensure the shortest path from any one portal to another. It soon became known as the Shortcut Cube.

Participation in National, International and Community Projects

Project Title Start Completion Description/Objective Contributors
Purgatory April 18, 2020 May 14, 2020 national Skeleton Grinder for Swampland Deal
Border Buoys May 7, 2020 May 7, 2020 proper border marking for Kingdom of Mū
Wíhf May 13, 2020 May 16, 2020 national Witch Farm for future war preparations
Grand Mū Tube June 3, 2020 June 28, 2020 safe nether travel to blaze farm, Slavia Rickroll
Great Bone Road June 11, 2020 June 12, 2020 safe horse travel underground to New Crossing Austrocat
Harmonic Highway July 28, 2020 August 1, 2020 safe horse travel overworld to Jungle Dome TheGrimRimmer
Grand Mū Path July 27, 2020 August 3, 2020 Connecting Mū to Skelfa and Spawn City
Spif May 13, 2020 August 7, 2020 national Spider Farm enclosed in Ancient Ruin
Zoron August 18, 2020 August 21, 2020 national Zombie and Iron Farm with Trade Option
Old Mū Road October 19, 2020 October 20, 2020 ridable road connecting national settlements overworld Austrocat, Fidalgo
Cleanup April 22, 2023 April 23, 2023 removal of Mū border markers

Ongoing Projects / To-Do List

  • A boat harbor with access to the Racetrack is in planning. Done.
  • The nether side is to be redesigned into a great hall including all of Jusnothertry's portals without netherrack to navigate around. The actual design is still being worked on. Done.
  • The Tree Farm will have a Charcoal Factory attached; however the exact placement and dimension of that is yet to be decided. Done.
  • The Yev Village needs to be expanded; they are complaining about uncomfortable quarters. WIP.
  • The Storage Cellar beneath the Governor's Manor desperately requires extension and organization.

Jusnothertry was the first subdivision of the former Kingdom of Mū to establish first manual produce, animal and tree farms and then various factories. Here a list in alphabetical order:

Factory Name Description/Objective Location Completion
Beehive Honey Collection and Produce Storage JSL 50/40, north of farms May 11, 2020
Broiler automated Chicken Broiler JSL 40, across from Wool World July 23, 2020
Burn Unit semi-automatic meat cookers JSL 35-45, across from Wool World May 7, 2023
Charcoal Factory automated Charcoal Production JSL 10, Tree Farm Entrance August 31, 2020
Fishing Machine traditional AFK Fishing aboard the “Ocean Blue” April 10, 2020
Pickler Sea Pickle Factory including Lime Dye Smelter JSL 35/30, inside to Beehive August 10, 2020
Purgatory Skeleton Grinder JSL 15, north of Tree Farm May 14, 2020
Snowshow Snow Golem for manual mining JSL 30, south of Pickler July 27, 2020
Spif Spider Farm enclosed in Ancient Ruin northwest of Jusnothertry August 7, 2020
Turtle Farm just that JSL 40, behind Beehive April 29, 2023
Wíhf Witch Farm northeast of Ishkas May 16, 2020
Wool World Wool Store for all colors JSL 40, east of Livestock Pens August 15, 2020
Zoron Zombie and Iron Farm with Trade Option JSL 10, east of Tree Farm August 21, 2020

[JSL= Jusnothertry Subterranean Level]


The above mentioned self-proclaimed author named Jinx who resides in Jusnothertry managed to publish his first book within ten days of the settlement's foundation. As it was traded for required and rare materials rather than currency, “The Early Days” (JAMBLOG series) more than anything jumpstarted the settlement's growth.
Due to responsibilities toward the nation, none have been written since. Various plans aim to rectify that, starting with tourist guides for the as yet unmanned information center.

While counted among the members of the Kingdom of Mū, Jusnothertry had been subject to its Absolute Monarchy. Currently independent, Jinxauthor_Mel acts as Governor over the settlement territory.
Briefly, a second citizen named kzmaderl joined the settlement but deceased on August 2, 2020.

Local Life And Issues

**Training** Much time and energy of daily life is spent breeding and training horses. And their jockeys, of course.
Thieving and Demonstrating Niggers
During the first two months, thieving niggers haunted the produce and animal farms, destroying crops and providing escape routes from the pens and corrals.
Finding their antics impeded after various complaints to the Authorities, in early June they started gathering in threatening demonstrations, daring any passerby to look anywhere.
Cartels and Gay Acts
As soon as Smolenia got connected to the Great Mū Tube, Wandering Traders started using the nether tunnel for their secret cartel meetings.
Once accidentally discovered, they hurriedly pretended to meet in secret for different purposes. (Like anyone would believe that scam.)
Drowning Beggars and Annoying Strays
While not the dangerous kind, various types of strays visit and inhabit the settlement and its circumference. It is being theorized that they have been trained by the Niggers, as they too destroy crops, agitate livestock, activate Yev-proof installations and disrupt various machinery. They have even found the nether portal and spread into the Grand Mū Tube.
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