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also known as chizumi and captnowen

Who is this place?
A person who have 3 diffrent wiki pages.
-Shakomatic and Austro about kokogumi

Is this really everything you guys can write about me? Also, I only have two pages. This one, and one for my old name. t. koko
-kokogumi, about shakos and austros entry

He really hates his past so much, that he literally erased his old buildings from the surface of Minecraft Earth. Enjoy. Has an affinity for kraut cute boys. Doesn't appreciate the fine use of lava.


founded holzien under the first incarnation, chizumi, and was longtime ally of mystia lorelei. On alphas realm, now known as captNowen, build on mystias side of the klamdau. later moved to socier and build the chess-ufo. Fought in the 1st endercom war and sworn a vendetta against the ender republic. Joined aresia later on, and suicide bombed inside hinoarashington, screaming alluah akbar. But could regenarate himself. Kogogumi was born, and founded kumo. Joined the battle of novabydlograd in the 2nd endercom war. Later joined with her settlement the commonwealth as an associated state, which caused tension with the one-man nation of tomoko. Returned as MissRedHood as of 28/08/2018. Actually first came CaptNOwen, then Chizumi for a few weeks and then back to CaptNOwen again till the change to Kokogumi, which is planned to be final. Other than that, nice summary. t. koko

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