austro irl
Home City: Nova bydlograd, later The badforest
Language(s): High German
National Affiliation: Vommonwealth
Political Affliation(s): Catholic, Anti-Ender
Rolls and Titles: former Kiaser of The Commonwealth, former King of Badface, Grand Bishop of Winterlyn's Church
Ethnicity Breshar
Johned: Aprilish?

The Man, The legend

Austrobernd is a longtime lurker who started playing Minecraft because his extreme case of autism drove him to the most q&a settlment he could find. He ended up in breshik where he eventually became a high lord and then rose to annex badface and proceed to bulldoze everything that didnt fit into his ordunt.

Austrobernd “Cleaning up” badface

Austro on Catholicism

<austro> >liberal catholics
<Spock> [alpha] <niller1703> I don't mind religion
<austro> those are called protestants
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