The Man, The legend Austrobernd is a longtime lurker who started playing Minecraft because his extreme case of autism drove him to the most q&a settlment he could find. He ended up in breshik where he eventually became a high lord and then rose to annex badface and proceed to bulldoze everything that didnt fit into his ordunt.

austro irl
Home City: Nova bydlograd, later The badforest
Language(s): High German
National Affiliation: Badface
Political Affliation(s): Catholic, Anti-Ender, Breshikan Nationalist and shakoling
Former Titles: Austrobernd, by divine right King of the 16th Kingdom of Breshik and Icecrown, Kaiser of the Commonwealth of Greater Alpharealm, Kaiser of the Eastern Commonwealth, King of the Eastern Freehold of Badface, Viceking of Wynterlyn, Archduke of the house of Bydlograd-Avence, Lord of Nautica, First Lord of Breshik, Lord protector of Skellieburg, General of the Enderian armed forces, and Archbishop of the Holy-Halo Church of Wynterlyn.
Ethnicity Breshar
Johned: Aprilish?
Austrobernd “Cleaning up” badface

History Joined the server sometime in April, visited breshik and build some cozy houses in the typical bydlograd style there. After encountering shakomatic in the city he joined breshik. Survived the ordeal during tomokos rebellion, later made up 50% of the breshikan forces during the siverny war. After that he helped forming the modern commonwealth, and designed its flag. Got dragged into the first commonwealth ender war, with him and niller leading the commonwealth in its defeat. Formed the CIS afterwards, only to rejoin the commonwealth again, only to coup it to form the triumvirate. Which failed too. Let Shako countercoup in which he restored the kaiser, in what austro led the office this afterwards. later got reelected and reformed it, the most notable only action was creating the Reichsrat. He led the Armory and researched ways to make armor cheap, the same time he looked for strategies and tactics for battles. After that he tried to provoke a war between the commonwealth and ender. After the second war, he waged another two. Now he left the commonwealth to settle on a bieceful island.

Battles and Honors

  • Veteran of Tomoko's Revolt
  • Veteran of the North Ender Attack on Nova Bydlograd
  • Defender of Watertown
  • Hero of Fort Siverny
  • Supreme Commander of the Commonwealth Forces during the Commonwealth-Ender War
  • Leader of the CIS Uprising
  • Mujahideen of the American Flag day incident
  • Supreme Commander of the Commonwealth Forces during the war of Kriegstein aggression
  • Caused several chimpouts on spawn
  • commander of the defense of bydlograd
  • led the Blitzkrieg against Lanno
  • fought in the niller-masso war

Austro on Catholicism

<austro> >liberal catholics
<Spock> [alpha] <niller1703> I don't mind religion
<austro> those are called protestants
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