Mū Territory Ishkas
Previous Independence Flag
Location -2395/-2589; Continent of Mū
Local Languages English, German
Government Municipal Administration
Governor Rosenmann
Establishment April 2nd 2020
Population 5
National Affiliation Kingdom of Mū

Ishkas, Main Mansion Originally ManicHexe's little one-person settlement, later shared with Rosenmann for a short while before abandonment, after which it was revived by Rosenmann and three new citizens.


Was founded by ManicHexe atop a mountain biome on April 2nd 2020.


State as of June 2nd, 2020 Though various new buildings are being constructed on Ishkasian soil, most of the building effort has been spent underground. “Polin complains that my dungeon is confusing,” Governor Rosenmann confided mirthfully, “so I decided to crank it up to eleven.”

Major Events

The server's first fully automated working bee farm was built on Ishkasian soil on April 6th, 2020. (Having donated some bees, only the direct southern neighbor took notice of the accomplishment.)
On April 22nd, ManicHexe requested Ishkas to be incorporated into the southern neighboring Kingdom of Mū.
On May 22nd, Rosenmann officially took over governing the state after successfully having recruited and managed three additional citizens.
Maybe prompted by a check-in of the settlement's founder ManicHexe, on June 4th the Ishkasians completed the railway to Jusnothertry, upon which Governor Jinxauthor_Mel relocated two yevs north, as had been agreed on the prior week, and assisted in moving them safely to their destination.

Snow-capped mountains, a beautiful dark forest and a gigantic cube made out of water decorate the land of Ishkas.

Ishkas (Town) Borders
Note that this is only the active settlement claim and subject to expansion. The actual annexed territory can be viewed on the Kingdom of Mū page.

ManicHexe's Water Cube

The first building project after a basic house that saw completion in Ishkas was a cube made out of nothing but water. Considered a complete waste of time even by Hexe himself, it now decorates the ocean south of Ishkas in all its physics-defying glory.

The Watercube

To date, map-wide sole mass producer of Honeycomb Blocks. Just because international trade was never successfully established, doesn't mean the product does not have any worth. As of May, the Ishkasian Bee Farm is considered a valuable resource for the Kingdom of Mū.
On May 16th, the governor of the neighboring state Jusnothertry completed the restauration of the giant Temple of Wíhf in the Ishkasian swamp, enabling the state to provide more useful resources as well.

ManicHexe was shot by skeleton. (Before, during and after running.)

Day-to-Day Sorrows

Part of the Kingdom of Mū under a Constitutional Monarchy. Governor ManicHexe was supposed to reign sovereignly over the settlement itself. However, when word came he does not plan to return, Kingdom of Mū officials formally acknowledged Rosenmann as Deputy Governor over the Territory of Ishkas and handed its management over on May 22nd.

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