Port Town of Mykal

Port Town of Mykal
Location -2200/-1700; Continent of Mū
Local Languages English
Government Constitutional Monarchy
Leader La Mū BearMonger
Establishment April 1st 2020
Population 1
National Affiliation Kingdom of Mū

Warehouses and Library in Crescent Bay Harbor

The Port Town of Mykal is the first colony the Kingdom of Mū established on this continent, featuring an extensive harbor with spacious warehouses for storing both inbound and outgoing trade goods and an authentic lighthouse.


La Mū BearMonger began reestablishing the Kingdom of Mū by founding the Port Town of Mykal, situated at the continent's southeast corner. Intended as a vanguard point from whence to set out exploring and taming the lost continent as well as securing trade routes, the main focus of creation presently lies at the southern Crescent Bay Harbor.


State as of June 2nd, 2020 The first buildings to be constructed on Crescent Bay Harbor were warehouses, intended for national storage accessible to all citizens; these were opened on May 08.
La Mu BearMonger followed those by stablishing a library wherein to store both written and magical books. After erecting the building and with some assistance by the mayor of Jusnothertry, the first house on the upper level was completed on May 12th. Twelve days later, the nether portal was added in what will become the library's cellar.
Immediately after finishing the library, he built the long-planned lighthouse on the southern cap of the harbor, majestically overlooking the southern sea, and provided access to it by extending the harbor plateau westward.

Mykal is ideally situated on the southeastern coast of Mū, with easy ocean access directly to Spawn. In addition, its geography naturally lends itself to oceanic trade, with a spacious beach to the south. Due to its unique shape, this beach has been named Crescent Bay, and the harbor being constructed there is known as Crescent Bay Harbor, so extensive the piers themselves form an easily recognizable landmark on the map.
As another, if rather ugly, landmark might serve the floating mob farm on the archipelago directly south of the harbor, fortunately just out of view.

Massive trade is made possible by the harbor's huge piers, and is currently being conducted especially with the nation of Swampland.
Within the kingdom, several farms provide sustenance and materials both for national construction and to secure further international trade.

La Mū BearMonger, the current monarch of the Kingdom of Mū, also personally reigns over the Port Town of Mykal.

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