Siege of Terra

Siege of TerraPart of the Mondsteinberg–Imperium War
Dates 13 January 2018
Location Terra
Result Mondsteinberg occupies Terra
Freistaat Mondsteinberg Flag Empire of Imperium
Leaders and Commanders
Gensec Crni_Drachen Flag Meetra
1 4
0 15~20

Crni_Drachen of the Mondsteinberg Free State declared war on the newly-founded Imperium Empire on the basis, if any, that they were an unwelcome cultural influence in the region. He invaded their fortified capital of Terra, battered down their walls during a prolonged exchange of missiles, and finally occupied the castle after a long struggle with the dedicated defenders.

The defenders ready themselves.

Another wave of Russians had joined the server under the leadership of bloodsniper and founded the Empire of Imperium, based on the WH40k Imperium of Man. Their antics aroused the ire of some of the server's older residents, which led to a skirmish with _glo a few days before the siege. On January 13th 2018, Crni_Drachen of Mondsteinberg officially declared war on Imperium, and traveled across the continent to mount an invasion of Terra, their capital castle.

Text of the war declaration

Text of the war declaration

I am, general secretary of oligarchical collectivist party of Freistaat Mondsteinberg, Wladimir Dratschinskij and all people of Mondsteinberg declaring a war on the Imperium of Man.

The Imperial defenders had prepared themselves for the battle and stood at the ready in the courtyard, armed and mounted (except for Rickroll, who hid underground throughout the whole battle); but when the Mondsteinberger forces arrived, Urfin_Djus signed off, leaving Meetra and Well to defend the castle.

Urfin fills in the breach.

Crni_Drachen quickly scaled the walls of the castle, and drove off the defending Meetra manning the keep. He and Meetra continued to indecisively exchange bow-and-arrow fire in and around the castle. The stalemale was broken when Urfin_Djus rejoined the battle, and together the Imperials drove back the Mondsteinberg forces out of the castle walls.
There was some confusion when Well joined in and fought with Meetra briefly, but afterwards the defenders sallied forth to engage Crni_Drachen on the field, who had meanwhile breached the castle walls with TNT. This engagement too proving indecisive, Urfin retreated and repaired the breach while Meetra and Well continued to fight Crni, thwarting his offensives and driving him back.

Well breaks through the wall.

Well suffered many wounds, and although Urfin re-joined the battle with his tactical Enderpearl use, Crni_Drachen managed to turn the situation around and to re-enter the castle. He took control of the undefended keep, and despite the defenders' best efforts managed to hold the high ground.
Well bravely charged at Crni multiple times seeking close combat, once even breaking through a wall, or sneaked up on Crni from behind to get past his arrow-fire, but was slain time and time again, poorly equipped with iron armour as he was.

Crni_Drachen holds the keep.

Crni strengthened his hold on the keep and the neighbouring tower by tactically employing TNT to destroy stairs on one hand, and to expose the defenders to shots on the other.

Rickroll was still hiding underground, Urfin had retreated, and Well's numerous brave charges had finally put him out of the battle. Meetra continued to bravely resist Crni_Drachen, but the keep remained in the hands of the Mondsteinberger invader. The battle was over, Terra fell under Mondsteinberger occupation.

Mondsteinberg was victorious, and occupied Terra. Crni_Drachen promptly demanded tribute in diamond blocks from Imperium, but Mondsteinberg's control of the area is shaky.

The bravery of the defenders impressed both their enemy Crni and the onlookers of the battle, and raised Imperium's reputation among the international community.

Civilian casualties

The battle attracted many curious onlookers, who observed the action from the castle's roof. One of them, _glo, fell to his death once. RIB.

First siege of Terra

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