Venesian Bay Invasion

Venesian Bay InvasionPart of the Venesian-Rashidun War
Date 15.09.2018
Location Venesian Bay
Result Venesian Kingdom defeated, illegally dissolved and reestabilished again; many Russians temporarily migrating to Omega
Heretic Rashidun Caliphate
Ruminian Confederation
Winduzastikan Empire
Venesian Kingdom
Leaders and Commanders
Sultan Salah
General Secretary Crni Drachen
SoV division commander Anhud Jerdn
King Nota I
H.R.C.: 4 (+ 6 mamluks)
Ruminia: 6
Winduzastika: 6
Other volunteers: 1
Total: 17
Total: 13
6 killed
12 total deaths
Other troops killed:
5 mamluks
15+ wolves
7 killed
18 total deaths

Venesian Bay Invasion is an armed conflict and a crucial part of the war between Heretic Rashidun Caliphate and Venesian Kingdom. The battle was fought on September 15th, 2018 and ended up being one of the biggest fights of modern Alpha's Realm, involving even more people than the June Purges of 2016.

By the middle of September, the Venesian-Rashidun war was technically going on for about 2 weeks. All of the battles were pretty much just random witherings of the WTC; the Caliphate's allies were more or less inactive, Venesians refrained from attacks and quietly claimed the WTC for themselves, while Salah and the rest of the HRC's government tried to seek for potential Venesian cheaters - with moderate success. The fact that this has been going for too long led to an idea proposed by the Ruminian Confederation: making a lone huge strike to reclaim the WTC back and quickly end the war, which was supported by Winduzastikan Empire as well. For a few days, the invasion was being planned out, and both army leaders decided on attacking on September 15th, contacting the Caliphate people beforehand. The Venesians themselves, though, didn't know anything until the battle itself started.

Opposing Forces

The Caliphate coalition

Even though Winduzastika and Ruminia were both struggling with a mild demographical crisis, enough people could be gathered in order to attack the Venesians properly - about 6 from each side. Crni was also planning to use tons of wolves as a support, but ended up only getting 15-25 of them.

Gathering people of the Caliphate was slightly tougher than the rest of the coalition's soldier, but in the end 4 people engaged in the battle. On the other hand, Salah's well-trained Mamluks also joined the fight near its end. A lone modabused Vex was brought as well.

The entire military of Ruminia relied on Anatolgol's resources, which why the battle didn't start until he arrived. Seeing as he gathered a ridiculous amount of armor sets and such, this was one of the main factors of the coalition winning in the end. Winduzastika, on the other hand, brought a bit less - about 15 armor sets were used in the preparations for the war in total, which were just enough not to start failing eventually. How much supplies did the Caliphate itself use in the battle is estimated in 144 diamonds and uncountable number of arrows and potions.

2 cannons made by Ruminian engineers were also used to bust the Venesian walls, but in they end they weren't exactly the most useful, being placed quite far from the town's center.

Venesian Kingdom

As expected, almost all of Venesia's citizens were present for the battle, (almost)all of them properly equipped for the fight. It is estimated that 13 people were involved in the fight one way or another, but it is unknown how many of them specifically fought for the town and how many were just random bystanders.

Coincidentally, all of the accused cheaters were also unbanned the same day by an unknown mad, which let the Venesian government gather more soldiers.


The final preparations for the fight started in early morning. The original time for the attack was planned to be 13:00 GMT, but due to certain circumstances was postponed for 2 hours. In the meantime, the Winduzastikan military started setting up a camp and a bridge over a local river, all about 100 meters away from the town itself; more and more soldiers started gathering there while the Venesians simply didn't see anything happening in the remote area. A nether way was establish by Sultan Salah, but no one but him used it. By 15:00 GMT, cannons were already deployed near the other part of the wall, and the preparations were pretty much done, although the armies had to wait a little bit longer because Anatolgol was late. At about 15:10, With Crni telling Venesians “С днем рождения!” (“Happy birthday”), the coalition started moving and the battle offically begun.

Attack on the town

As soon as Crni proclaimed the beginning of the attack, cannons installed by the Ruminians were fired. Bombing the southern wall of the town was supposed to be a distraction for the Venesians: the actual armies started moving from their camp on the west, where the wall was unfinished; soldiers maintaining the cannons quickly joined the rest of the troops as well.

Ruminian troops are moving into the town

Actual battle didn't quite start right after the coalition rushed into the city. For about 5 minutes, the armies wandered around, waiting for the enemy to come. Provocations were made during the wait: some people were demanding Venesians to remove their claims from the WTC, while Anatolgol hastily installed a few flags of Neko-City Republic in the city hall. Of course this couldn't last forever, and in a more or less short time, Venesian soldiers started arriving to the battlefield in order to stand for their nation.

Even though Venesians couldn't quite gather the entirety of their army due to not receiving any warnings beforehand, they still could resist the massive army of the coalition, almost matching it in power. The damage both sides took turned out to be almost the same, and it took more than an hour until Nota I commanded his army to flee - by the end of the fight, Venesia heavily lacked equipment, while the Ruminian resources were far from running out thanks to Anatolgol.

In the end, the fight itself turned out to be involving way more people than any conflict on the server in the past 2+ years, with the grand total of about 30 people (excluding neutral spectators) being on the battlefield, which also led to a record online of 42 people at once.

Supposedly, mass griebing was not supposed to be the part of the battle, as Crni decided not to negotiate any battle terms with Nota at all. This, of course, didn't stop the Ruminian forces, starting with blasting the southern wall. Aside from all the minor griebs made in order to increase the mobility of the armies, in the middle of the battle one of the town's squares was randomly blown up as well, seemingly by WheatleyMyFriend; more bombings happened later as well.

After the battle was done, a conference to negotiate the surrender of Venesian Kingdom was held at the spawn and then, consequently, was moved to the WTC. Both the Freistaat Mondsteinberg and Ruminia voted for the nation to be dissolved as a whole, while the Winduzastikan side, which only wanted Venesians to leave their WTC claims, unfortunately couldn't be present. Nota I and his comrade chose not to negotiate and instead engaged in illegal pvp. Nota I, seemingly in despair, couldn't come up with a response, so Anatolgol commited an act of modabuse and officially declared Venesia dead. Of course, the conference couldn't just go quietly, and at some point the WTC enjoyed another wither, but that didn't really matter at that point.

Venesians decided to not recognize Anatolgol's decisions and in a little while re-estabilished the government, with the act of disband being soon proclaimed illegal by the server's Politburo.


Tons of people were, of course, heavily butthurt, especially because of Anatolgol's modabuse act. Many apolitical players were involved in the discussion as well. Coincidentally, soon after the WTC conference, Alpha's Realm as a whole went down, and Venesians, along with some apolitical Russians, temporarily migrated to Omega, with people such as Dovasko and Teron_Gorefiend trying to estabilish their own rule which would not allow the Ruminians to settle there at all - that, of course, didn't really bother anyone. D1oxide has spawned a wither in WTC roof and proclaimed that their spirit “will never die”.

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