United Settlements of Ender


Ender RepublicThe United Settlements of Ender
 Flag of South Ender
 Coat of Arms
Anthem Enderia, Gem of the Ocean
Capital * Hinoarashington, D.E.
* Independence Hall, Porty Mouth
Official Languages English
Demonyn Enderian, Enderican
Government Constitutional Republic
Leader Congress of Ender
Establishment 7-3-13
Population ~14
Abbreviation Ender

The settlements of Ender federated into a voluntary union to secure their common peace, security, and liberty.

As a federation of settlements, the holdings of Ender span across a great distance. As a result, the local administration has been split into two provinces.



South Ender ( or Southender for short ) refer to the Ender territorial holdings of the southern lands. Porty Mouth is the largest. Southender territories fly the blue flag variant.

Settlements and Frontier of Southender
Districts and cities proper of Southender

The Republic of Ender mostly concerns itself with matters of commerce. The official state stance is one of non-aggression unless if foreign entities provoke or infringe upon the holdings of Ender. Settlements in the union are autonomous.

The Republic of Ender allows the separate states to govern their selves and the federal body exists to oversee the common welfare of the union. Each settlement may appoint its own representative to vote on their behalf in Congress.

Economic policy

For private parties, the Republic's official stance is a laissez-faire environment. Citizens are free to carry out transactions free from tarrifs, government subsidies, and enforced monopolies, with only enough government regulations sufficient to protect property rights against theft and aggression.


Despite Porty Mouth's formation by foul mouth pirates and seamen, citizens are encouraged to maintain a bow with sufficient enchantments to discourage attacks from both native archers and undead bandits.

The Enderian militia has been called to arms eight times.

  • PMS Aspergia
  • PMS Battleborn
  • PMS Bracavia
  • PMS Constitution

Porty Mouth

Founded on a desert off the coast, Porty Mouth is particular rich in sand, sandstone, glass, and clay. A popular export of Porty Mouth has been books, book cases, and enchantment spell books.

Porty Mouth's main trading partner has been the Kingdom of Battkhortostan and the Kingdom of Condeura.

The headquarters of Standard & Port Financial Services LLC as well as its subsidiary, Port Mouth Imports Inc. are located in the capital city.

Port Mouth Imports purchases and imports large quantities of prostitutes agricultural goods from T.O.P. Industries from Condeura for the many lonely sailors hungry citizens of Southender.

A trading outpost has been constructed in The Holy Waldsican Empire. A small trading booth has been established with the The XIII Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik.


Founded a a small agricultural outpost, Wonderfields has expanded to have a market district of its own. The town serves as a cultural center, featuring the Wonderfields Museum of Mining, Autism, and Life in Oceania. Wonderfields has experienced an industrial boom since FireSeeker Industries moved in.

Emerald Arch


Happy Ending

Massive phallic obelisks.


Located near the tri-national border of Battx, Badface, and Ender, Rowanchester is a small town built amongst the trees in the forest. Most of the town's products are related to either lumber or agriculture.

Mikeking Isle - Ender Province

Mikeking Isle Ender Province controls the far eastern section of Mikeking Isle. It is the smallest and one of the most heavily guarded settlements of Ender.

Houndolulu, Pupwai'i, and Meowi

A southern chain of tropical islands that had a bunch of native dogs living on them. Cats were introduced to the third island. The buildings lack proper roofing until hay blocks are available.

San Fagcisco

Southender's flourishing gay sector along the Emerald Cove. Renown for its flamboyantly colored buildings and sourdough bread.

Hinoarashington, D.E.

Hinoarashington, D.E., formally the District of Enderia and commonly referred to as Hinoarashington, “the District”, or simply D.E., is the capital of the Ender Republic. The founding city of the Republic's presence in Alpha's Realm with a strong connection to the Enderican people.

The Republic of Ender is possibly one of the most technological and industrially advanced nations of Oceania and Alpha's Realm. Enderian scientists and engineers shave made leaps and bounds in the studies of redstone engineering, alchemy, agricultural technologies, metallurgy, and medicine.

A recent advancement has been the allocation of funding to investigate the possibilities of space exploration. Satellites have been launched into orbit around Oceania.

A Cel2 Model Vanilla satellite. A variant was destroyed by terrorists, leading to the Enderian Kriegstein Campaign.

Each state of the Republic of Ender has its own cultural identity and heritage. An old custom of the people of Ender is to pick up grass blocks and randomly punch people who make eye contact while shrieking.

United Settlements

Unincorporated Territories

Former holdings



  • Hinoarashi Porty Mouth, Wonderfields, Rowanchester, D.E.
  • GlitchyBat Wonderfields, Porty Mouth, Happy Ending, D.E.
  • EternalZohne Porty Mouth
  • SharkyPRS Porty Mouth
  • Roy_McCloud Porty Mouth
  • FireSeeker Wonderfields, Porty Mouth
  • Mark_M Happy Ending
  • Ivanidiot Porty Mouth
  • Killer_Chris Porty Mouth
  • AlphaBernd Porty Mouth
  • Roobyon Wonderfields, Happy Ending, D.E.
  • Buggernuts Wonderfields
  • Kingofnether Mikeking Isle Ender Province
  • OrinRJ Dangerwood
  • anao007 Dangerwood
  • BearMonger Porty Mouth
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