Standard & Port

Standard & Port Financial Services LLC
Founded 25-3-2013
Headquarters Hinoarashington, D.E.
CEO Hinoarashi
Employees ~5
Subsidiaries Port Mouth Imports Inc.
FireSeeker Industries
StarBats Corporation
Bearsanto Company
Hallibearton Company
Industrial Bear Monger Corporation
Abbreviation S&P

Standard & Port ( S&P ) is a private Enderian financial services company. It publishes financial research and analysis. The company is also a credit-rating agency. After the colonization of Alpha's Realm, S&P has moved its corporate headquarters to Hinoarashington, D.E.

National Credit ratings

Key factors for evaluating credit worthiness include security, stability, history of respecting outstanding obligations, and economic activity.

Country Icon Rating Outlook Comments
Republic of Ender 5 Prime Economic powerhouse and most stable nation. Observes its obligations.
Republic of Battkhortostan 5 Prime Obligations and securities are guaranteed by the Republic of Ender.
Royaume de Kriegstein 5 Prime Obligations and securities are guaranteed by the Republic of Ender.
Kingdom of Winterlyn 4 High grade Relatively stable state with moderate economic activity and industry which observes its obligations.
Kingdom of Lanno-Condeura 4 High grade Relatively stable state with moderate economic activity and industry which observes its obligations.
Mandatory of New Badfacia - Insufficient data
Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik 1 Non-investment grade Economic stagnation. Unstable rogue state which fails to observe international law or meet its obligations.
Name Title
Hinoarashi Chief Executive Officer, President, Founder
EternalZohne Chief Financial Officer, Vice President
BearMonger Chief Technology Officer
GlitchyBat Board Director
FireSeeker Board Director

Standard & Port Building One is an Art Deco style skyscraper in Hinoarashington, D.E. The structure is the tallest building in the Republic of Ender and features a functional clock on the building's face. This building hosts the corporate headquarters of Standard & Port.

Standard & Port Bulding Two is a commercial high-rise with office space.

Port Mouth Imports Inc.

A trade company founded in Porty Mouth, Port Mouth Import Inc. dealss with the selling, trading, and purchasing of commodities while its specialties have been in Book Publishing, book sales, and sand products. Its main office is located on the second floor of S&P Building Two in Hinoarashington, D.E.

FireSeeker Industries

After the Republic of Ender privatized its holdings of FireSeeker Industries, the company was purchased by S&P and currently funds its operations. The founder of FireSeeker Industries was included in the board of directors. The company focuses on the processing of materials, manufacturing, foundries, agricultural technology, and military hardware. Its main office is located on the third floor of S&P Building Two in Hinoarashington, D.E.

Starbats Corporation

A global coffee company based in Hinoarashington, D.E. StarBats Corporation proceeds help to fund humanitarian and philanthropic efforts.

Industrial Bear Monger

Headquarted in Hinoarashington, DE, Industrial Bear Monger is a global security company that is principally engaged in the research, design, development, manufacture, integration, and sustainment of advanced technology systems, products, and services. A popular IBM product with the international community has been the construction of elevators and application of both binary and multi-floor selection.

Our Mission: We solve complex challenges, advance scientific discovery and deliver innovative solutions to help our customers keep people safe and provide them essential services.

Our Vision: Be the global leader in supporting our customers to strengthen global security, deliver citizen services, and advance scientific discovery.

Our Values:

  • Do What's Right
  • Respect Others
  • Perform With Excellence

As some of its subsidiaries are global security, aerospace, and information technology companies, the majority of S&P's business is with the Republic of Ender and its government agencies. S&P is the largest provider of IT services, systems integration, and training to the Enderian state. The remaining portion of S&P's business is compromised of international government and some commercial sales of S&P's products, services, and platforms.

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