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Enderian Kriegstein CampaignPart of the North Ender War

Nouvelle Reims being laid to waste.
Dates 12-2-13
Location Global
( esp. Kriegstein and parts of Danik )
Result Ongoing
Flag Ender Republic Flag Kingdom Of Kriegstein
Flag North Ender
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Hinoarashi
Flag Sidmarcus
Flag Bul Go Gi
Iron Golem An iron golem
5 2 (at the moment)
a lot of BUTTHURT
lot of diamond valuables
10 horses
65 dogs
10 cows
2 chickens
30 sheep
2 pigs

The state of Kriegstein had consistently declared its support for the fledgling communist state of North Ender despite its past relations with the Republic of Ender being cordial.

Kriegstein strikes

A long time supporter of the marxist rebel faction and vassal of Kim Jong Bat, Sidmarcus voiced protest that the Republic of Ender was monitoring activities of North Ender including shipments of Wither Skulls, TNT, and weapons of mass destruction possibly empowering world dominating development of Nova Avence. Despite warnings not to destroy the Republic's property, Sidmarcus proceeded to strike the surveillance Cel2 Model Vanilla satellite with a missile strike.

Sidmarcus threatening global security and assuring the human rights violations of North Ender can persist. Artist's interpretation of the crime committed against Ender's satellite.

Hino investigated this blatantly aggression, and tried to lowly assassinate the paragon of liberty and justice while he was totally defenseless. Hino failed to kill his victim, realizing that hino was motivated by pure felony and treachery Sidmarcus took arms and gunned down the aggressor at cold blood. Sidmarcus squatted in his Danikian bunker, praying to an altar of Kim Jong Bat while wearing his red leather armor. Seeing an opportunity knock on his door, he sprung into action and gunned down the investigation team. Sidmarcus, to prevent anymore useless casualties for both sides then unarmed the aggressor and took his weapons as a warranty of further peace (planning to give it back in exchange of peace). Then much butthurt started from ender side.

Enderian retaliation

The Republic of Ender replied that it will not negotiate with terrorists and launched raids on Kriegstein's capital. Noticing that Sid declared total war, retribution was done with disregard of life or limb. The city and its livestock lay in ruin.

The speaker noted that Kriegstein will not be given any rest until it ceases being a state sponsor of terrorism and that retribution will be disproportionate until the surveillance satellite or its components were replaced. The speaker further added that if Kriegstein cannot respect the Republic's property, they will be returned in kindness.

Showing it's true nature, Ender gone mad and bombed Nouvelle Reims. This is the moral proof that the Kingdom of Kriegstein is fighting against Enderian Oppression. Nouvelle Reims was swiftly responded with the act of aggression. Sid couldn't withstand the butthurt and began modifying the Enderian Kriegstein Campaign page to attempt twisting the story and smear the image of South Ender.

North Enderian response

Kim Jong Bat stated that he sympathized with the fallen Kriegsteinian livestock and that his fellow traveler, Sidmarcus, could count on his Dear Leader's support in combating the ruthless capitalists oppressors of South Ender.

Security experts have agreed that destruction of the surveillance satellite has created a lapse in global security where the rogue North Ender state could continue arms trafficking and human rights abuses without being observed.


Battkhortostan is observing this conflict and has expressed intentions to deploy peacekeepers to prevent further spread of the conflict.

Battle of the Battle of Enderian Kriegstein Campaign

When SidMarcus realized South Ender doesn't fuck around takes this shit seriously responded for the retaliation of the satellite, he cried as the fires of Nouvelle Reims consumed his husband and child. Being French, he decided to vandalize the announcement of Enderian Kriegstein Campaign page because he cannot resist fleeing a real battle. The vandalism was noticed by the original North Ender leader, GlitchyBat, and action was soon taken.

Massacre of BearMongers

Roughly 24 hours after the destruction of South Ender's satellite, many innocent people of Porty Mouth who happened to all be named BearMonger were ambushed by BulGoGi, a highly ranked fighter and commander of North Ender. He slaughtered many BearMongers despite their neutral standings. An audio clip was recorded on a discovered iPhone at the scene of the attack. The content has been hidden for its gruesome nature.

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(09:02:56 PM) autism: BearMonger was shot by Bulgogi

(09:03:28 PM) autism: BearMonger was shot by Bulgogi

(09:03:49 PM) autism: BearMonger was shot by Bulgogi

(09:04:06 PM) autism: BearMonger was shot by Bulgogi

(09:04:47 PM) autism: BearMonger was shot by Bulgogi

(09:05:45 PM) autism: BearMonger was shot by Bulgogi

(09:18:30 PM) autism: BearMonger was slain by Iron Golem

Remaining BearMongers managed to eventually wear out BulGoGi's attacks, however he escaped back to the North.

North Ender founder GlitchyBat comments on the case. His location is withheld as a refugee of North Ender for safety reasons.

GlitchyBat on the attack against the BearMongers

“This attack is a dreaded example of North Ender's threat without the ability to be stopped before their plans are possible. I've been working with top minds of South Ender to formulate a new satellite design which can be launched into orbit and track North Ender intelligence. It is without doubt that North Ender forces will strike again, and must be stopped. Neither side is showing signs of stopping, war is inevitable.”

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