The FireSeeker Industries Skirmish

FireSeeker standing triumphantly after the battle.
Dates 4-2-13
Location Nova Avence
Result Decisive Ender Victory
Flag Ender Republic Flag Kingdom of Breshik
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Hinoarashi
Flag FireSeeker
Flag Shakomatic
2 1
0 2

As the hour drew near, the corrupt tyrant of Breshik decided he needed bricks and attempted to nationalize the holding of a private citizen of the Ender Republic, FireSeeker. The Congress of Ender reacted swiftly, voting to station troops at FireSeeker Industries in order to protect their holdings. A skirmish broke out. Breshik was repeatedly warned not to nationalize any of Ender's holdings and any of these actions would be seen as hostile. Instead, the sick king dawned his armor and charged the factory.

The Battle

FireSeeker unsheathed his diamond blade, courageously standing his ground on his property. The demented dwarven lord tried time after time to attack, only to be cut down by sheer will and determination.

Fireseeker Gave up claims to the factories supplies and recognized the Breshikan Claims to the majority of the factories berick due to the theft of previous bricks from Avence. Fireseeker left with a single stack of brick.

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