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Neo Wissendorf

Neo Wissendorf
Local Languages English, German
Demonyn Wissendorfian
Government Technocratic Democracy
Leader Ivanidiot
Establishment Construction began 31/1/2013
Population ~1
Abbreviation NeoDorf, NWD

Neo Wissendorf is a settlement that has yet to be built by Ivanidiot, previous ruler of Old Wissendorf. Neo Wissendorf, or NeoDorf, was first conceived of during the time Ivan was on the island of Spudland. Shakomatic was joking to Ivan about taking back Old Wissendorf in a crusade, which then lead to the original idea for Neo Wissendorf. It has seceded from Breshik after its collapse, and joined the Waldsican Empire on 18/3/2013. Latter aftert the annexation of Waldsic By breshik, on 4-13-2013 the suzerainty of Neo-Wissendorf was sold to Kiatomaran, but the ownership is disputed between him and the Ender Republic. The Order of the Staff declared the deal void as it is not possible to sell other players or independent settlements.

founding/time period

Neodorf was conceived by Ivanidiot, previous ruler of Old Wissendorf, when Shakomatic joked about taking the latter back in a crusade. Ivan soon started building, first in the deserts near Nova Avence. The construction soon failed, because of the confusion the terrain provided, and thus, Ivan went back to his old home, the sea, to start construction. For a while, construction was going well, however, 1 error destroyed the whole project, thus, Ivan gave up and restarted the project from scratch. On 18/3/2013, Neo Wissendorf officially became part of the Waldsican Empire, which, in a few days, was annexed by Breshik. After 2 weeks, Ivan began to protest for freedom of Wissendorf, along with many others, including the Enderians and West West Battkhortstannis, eventually leading up to the Battle of Wissendorf. On 15/4/2013, Neo-Wissendorf officially declared itself to be an independent settlement. Construction is currently halted due to a Space Station 13 addiction.

major event/time period

None avalible.

Neo Wissendorf will be built on the seabed at: X: -7300 Z: -5555

Neo Wissendorf is expected to produce redstone technology, much like Old Wissendorf did. Wissenlabs, a corporation in Old Wissendorf, will be re-built. However, it lacks an experienced redstone engineer.

Citizens are freemen. Its flag looks kind of like Neapolitan ice cream.

Neo Wissendorf's government is planned to be a combination of a technocracy and a democracy, with those more experienced in technology to be more likely to be able to run for presidency.

Ivanidiot, Founder of Neo Wissendorf.

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