Hinoarashington, D.E.

District of Enderia
 Coat of Arms
Motto “You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden.”
Local Languages English
Government Federal district
Establishment 12-7-13
Population ~8
Abbreviation Hinoarashington

The District of Enderia was established in its location to be the capital of the Republic of Ender in the Realm of Alpha.

The city itself is divided into four districts for residential, commercial, industrial, and federal usage. In the town square stands a statue of a dragon, overlooking the city. The statue itself is a monument and memorial to the Heroes of Alpha's Realm who first reached the End and defeated the Ender Dragon. In the town's center is the mythical Dragon's Egg which will be on display in the National Museum of Ender.

A massive foundry stands in the industrial district, processing many minerals and materials.


StarBats Café logo

Hinoarashington is home to the very first StarBats Café and its corporate headquarters. StarBats aims to distrbute its beverages throughout Alpha's Realm and within the city.

Administrative divisions of D.E. ( incomplete )
The District of Enderia and its surroundings

The Hinoarashington metropolitan area consists of the District of Enderia, Leninstadt, Zohnedale, and Little Battkhortostan. The city of Hinoarashington, D.E. itself is surrounded by walls and separated into four districts separated by the central square which is seated above the End portal; the Federal District, the Industrial District, the Commercial District, and the Residential district in the northwest, northeast, southwest, and southeast quadrant respectively.

Due to the size of the city of Hinoarashington, the constituent parts of the city are consolidated as boroughs.


The Capital Borough lies in the heart of the District of Enderia and is often referred to colloquially as Hinoarashington. The Capital Borough is further divided into the Federal, Industrial, Commercial, and Residential districts. In the center of the Capital is the End Portal.


 Coat of Arms
Motto “Virtue and Liberty”
Local Languages English

The Borough of Zohnedale is located across the river south of the Capital Borough. Previously a small village out the onskirts of Hinoarashington, Zohnedale was consolidated as a borough and was further developed late August, 2015.

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