Porty Mouth

The Mercantile Republic of Port Mouth
Local Languages English
Government Constitutional Republic
Governor Hinoarashi
Establishment 12-14-12
Population ~9
Abbreviation Porty Mouth
Port Mouth

A gorgeous jewel of a town that overflows with water in a forbidding desert.

Porty Mouth was founded by foul mouth pirates and sailors looking for places to unload goods and find cheap brothels.

The roads of Porty Mouth are irrigation canals. Transportation is best done by boat.

Porty Mouth with a highres texture pack

Founded on a desert off the coast, Porty Mouth is particular rich in sand, sandstone, glass, and clay. A popular export of Porty Mouth has been books, book cases, and enchantment spell books.

Porty Mouth's main trading partner has been the Kingdom of Battkhortostan. A trading outpost has been constructed in the The Holy Waldsican Empire. A small trading booth has been established with the The XIII Apostolic Kingdom of Breshik.

The small republic of Port Mouth mostly concerns itself with matters of commerce. Diplomatic relationships have been established with other Ender colonies.

Economic policy

For private parties, the Republic's official stance is a laissez-faire environment. Citizens are free to carry out transactions free from tarrifs, government subsidies, and enforced monopolies, with only enough government regulations sufficient to protect property rights against theft and aggression.


Despite its formation by foul mouth pirates and seamen, citizens are encouraged to maintain a bow with sufficient enchantments to discourage attacks from both native archers and undead bandits.

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