Wonderfields 번영과 경이의 땅
Local Languages English
Government Juche single-party state
Leader GlitchyBat
Kim Jong Bat
Population ~5

Some shitty thing here while I come back to it later.

founding/time period

Wonderfields was founded while Glitchy was dicking around trying to find plains suitable for farmlands because he felt guilty for taking baked potatoes a few weeks prior from spawn's chests. While it was originally designed as farmland for mass production of various materials, it began developing better buildings and is currently in the process of not being a clusterfuck and actually a bit pretty.

major event/time period

Some day forever ago - founded by GlitchyBat. House was built up on a natural cliff thing and farmlands were planted. Mine was dug into a mountain and has since been used to reach an old mineshaft full of cuddly cave spiders.

Later - more shitty buildings built, nether portal constructed. Rail was built and added to the New Spawn rail. The portal hub area would later become the Ender Station.

Even later - Museum built as the first building for the marketplace. It still hasn't been completed shut up.

Somewhat more later - foreigners begin building stuff.

Whenever it happened - bumbkin farm is automatic.

Today - that damn bank and museum needs to be done.

A museum devoted to the daily life in Oceania has been constructed in Wonderfields' market district.

Wonderfields has much farmland and its exports are mostly agricultural commodities such as wool and leather. A publishing company and book shop is in the market district, contributing to the wealth of the area. The industrial sector has expanded when FireSeeker Industries relocated into Wonderfields.

Livestock have overtaken the settlement because Glitchy believes livestock should be liberated forgot to close the pen.

There has been a recent influx of Spanish Esperanto-speaking Yevs who have crawled into Wonderfields through gaps in the town's wall construction. They had been demanding official state recognition and bilingual signs. As a result, they were all killed allied with the illegitimate DPRE state.

In August 2013, North Ender became own great power run by Kim Jong Bat. It war against South Ender pigdongs. Best nation is North Ender will crush any attempting force against.

Much TNT and Wither delivered to North Ender
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  • Roobyon
  • Buggernuts
  • Hinoarashi
  • FireSeeker
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