The Occupation of DanikPart of the Banana War
Dates 5-18-13
Location New Avence
Result Decisive Ender Victory
Ender occupation of the Danik continent
Bracave surrenders
FlagEnder Republic
Flag Avencian citizens
Flag Bracavian militants
Leaders and Commanders
Flag Hinoarashi
Flag GlitchyBat
Flag baggie
Flag anao007
5 5
1 57

After the death of Shakomatic, Danik was seized by militants from the Bracave province. Concerned, a Congressman of Ender, GlitchyBat traveled to Nova Avence for free bricks on a diplomatic mission to establish ties with the new state. The Bracavian militants murdered Glitchy in cold blood.

The Battle

The Republic of Ender responded to this assassination by invoking the defenses of the KCO and a peace-keeping mission. Speaker of Ender Congress, Hino accepted this declaration of war from Bracave. The Bracavian militants assaulted the city and its inhabitants of native Avencians, but were ousted by Enderian forces. Avencians fought arm in arm with their Enderian bothers to oust the Bracavian militants.

To maintain peace and safety during the power vaccuum until a member of the House of Breshik can take the crown, The Ender Republic oversees Breshikian administrative matters.

Bracavian militants continued to siege New Avence, raising flags and being repelled by peace-keeping forces.

Two days later, anao007 agreed to a full Bracavian surrender and relinquished control of the Danik continent and former Breshikian holdings to the Republic of Ender. Under these terms, citizens of Bracave may come and go as they please through former Breshikian territories, but may not fly their banners over the cities. Former leaders of settlements will retain their positions of authority in the occupied region.

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