Breshikan Language
Region All current and former territories of Breshik
Native speakers ~11
Language group English creole
American language
Official status
Ruglated by Shakomatic
Official language in Kriegstein
Regency of Breshik
Language codes
ISO 148-8 BrA
Linguasphere 52-ABA-Bre
A.K.A.: Breshikan, Breshikii

Beshrekian is a creole language, one of the official languages of Breshik. It is the first language of many of the “Nova Avencians” (those who live in Nova Avence and surrounding areas), and the second language of much of the rest of the country's residents. the Breshik national anthem , is in breshesdkian.

More than 99% of Breshikii words are of English origin; the remainder combines a few dozen words from dyslexia, as well as some vocabulary inherited from various languages of /int/, essentially limited to derogatory terminology. While the influence of these vernakular languages is low on the vocabulary side, it is very high in the morphosyntax. Breshikii can be basically described as a language with an English vocabulary and an American grammar, the end result becoming incomprehensible for everyone. Much akin to “the queen's English” Breshikan is determined entirely by Shakomatic's spelling mistakes and lazy grammar poor education.

Breshikan Language

Below is the current record of Breshikan-to-english translations that have been made.

  • aj - ah
  • armour - armor
  • barelay - barely
  • doa - do
  • doan't - don't
  • nything - anything
  • soemthing - something
  • weal - deal
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