Duchy of Eureka

Location Coordinates: (1385,1552)
Map Link
Local Languages Latin
Government Nonexistant
Leader Duke Septicaemia
Establishment 26-12-2013
Population ~1 (so lonely)

Land of bountiful natural beauty, fertile and ripe for use. An autonomous state within the Kingdom of Kriegstein.

A typical paddock in The Eureka Republic.


On the 26-12-2013, it came to pass that Septicaemia found the new map and decided to build on a plains biome. And thus the settlement was birthed.


On the 30th of January, 2014, The Eureka Republic officially became an Associated State of Kriegstein-Sommerset, an alliance created in the wake of the aggressive foreign policy and conversion to Islam of the Republic of Ender. A mutual treaty for the purposes of forming a cohesive crusade-front against the filthy Islamics, The Eureka Republic agreed to provide war-horses of 14-15HP to the Kriegstein military in return for the lands' external politics being handled by Kriegstein and protected by the might of Kriegstein's army. This treaty means that The Eureka Republic is subject to politics, treated as part of Kreigstein-Sommerset.


On the 8th of February, 2014, due to growing ties with the Kingdom of Kriegstein and for the sake of simplifying the newly-updated nation-page for the Kingdom of Kriegstein, the Eureka Republic was annexed into the Kingdom, while maintaining the existing terms of jurisdiction and autonomy.

Pictured is the proto-breeds for the Kriegsteinian Gray and Black Musketeer's horses.


From the 2nd to the 5th of February, 2014, dark times swept over the once peaceful settlement. The Eureka Republic was raided by the Ungodly Devil Worshippers Helios and Hannsen, whom threw chickens everywhere.

Responding with deadly force, The Eureka Republic defiled the Temple of Chiggun in Leninstadt.

With the power of the devil against the republic, it fell victim to a vicious Chickocalypse at the hands of Helios. The result was a resounding defeat to the crestfallen republic, with so much lag in the capital building that one could not remove the chickens.

Some days later, Helios lead another raid, this time on Shako's mountain Karak thingy. Septicaemia and Sidmarcus came to assist Shakomatic, however he had already beat the shit out of Helios. Realising that the Chickensades were only escalating and Helios was getting out of control, Septicaemia and Sidmarcus performed precision strikes on the egg-manufacturing plant in Leninstadt. With Helios' egg supply lines destroyed, the Chickensade had been abrupty put to an end by the Heroics of Septicaemia and Sidmarcus.

After a long night drinking limonbier at the local bierhaus, Helios got mad, and in a drunken rage, targeted the Eureka Republic for one last act of revenge. Donned in diamond armour and wielding a diamond sword, but notably egg-less, Helios then began to spawn-kill Septicaemia for many hours, hurting his proto-breed horses. In a final act of grief, Helios murdered the proto-breed Black Musketmount. Being the bigger man, Septicaemia simply let Helios go, his bloodthirsty revenge complete, in hope that peace may arise in the future.

Helios continued his drunken rampage elsewhere, this time targeting Sidmarcus. Due to his drunkness, he got fugged in the angus and ran away.

The Massacre of the Innocents

Later, in a possibly unrelated (but suspected to be related) event, an act of Extreme Grief was committed by an enemy of the Republic. All of the Republic's 13-14 horse herds, along with its renouned musket-mounts “disappeared”. Investigations by Rosenmann proved inconclusive, the killer is unknown, but definitely extremely autistic. Further investigation found that a similar event occurred in Kriegstein, where all the musket-mounts that were delivered from The Eureka Republic were found dead. The two events are being treated as linked by investigators.

The Republic asks for the party responsible to come forward.

Rosenmann (God bless his soul) spawned new horses in the land, however, the 14hp proto-breeds pictured above were lost to a yet unknown murderer. The day, the 8th of the 2nd, has been declared a public-holiday for mourning purposes, and a memorial for the genocide will be constructed. The horse industry of The Eureka Republic has been completely destroyed, along with it's bountiful natural wild herds. The slow process of rebuilding two breeds will begin when Septicaemia has stopped crying over the loss.

Rescuing the Refugees

Years later, in late August of 2016 it was discovered that some horses fled to a nearby ravine, which proved a good refuge from rampaging butchers. It seems that they lived there for generations, albeit having difficulties collecting food from bare stones of the cave. Also, one family of horses dared to return back to the surface, and some individuals followed them, but for the most of remaining population the shock from slaughter was too great. On 25th of August, Sidmarcus01 was informed of that discovery and he immediately took actions for transporting the remaining horses to his personal stables. They were finally well fed and seemed happy to be on the surface again.

A large plain biome with some intrusive, now deforested birch forest; The Eureka Republic is mostly fields of plenty for animals to graze and farms to grow food.

The Eurekan Bridge

It is famous for being the largest bridge on a server and having a one of the largest flags hoisted on it. It is mostly useless except western part of it, which helps to cross a lake.

Ravine Refuge

A big ravine in the western part of Eureka plains, carefully fenced by inhabitants. During The Massacre some horses escaped to this ravine, unable to see the horror, blood and death.

The Great Kriegsteinian Tunnel

A very long tunnel connecting the Eureka and Nouvelle Reims1). It was built to safely transport horses to the capital, but after The Massacre it was totally abandoned. During the Rise of Kriegstein it was decorated and a railway has been added, which didn't affect the tunnel's primary function.

The Eureka Republic exports horses around the realm. It's horses are renowned for having 14-15HP but only being able to jump 1 block NOT ANYMORE, NEVER 4GET 8/2/14.

After the Massacre of the Innocents, the horse industry was completely destroyed, and with it all exports. GDP dropped 80% and a depression has swept the Republic. Work begins to rebuild from scratch the industry, however it will take at least three quarters until exports resume.

The Eureka Republic houses many public monster-farms, however these quickly became derelict and abandoned with the creation of Anon1234's Enderfarm.

So lonely, joining up with Telendil to make a new non-lonely settlement.

No government since no people :/

Imaginary Friends

renamed to 'Nouvelle Kriegstein' in August 2016
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