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June 14th RiotsPart of the Kurwan-Battkhort War

True Kurwans protesting in the streets of Kurwa Proper on June 14
Dates 6-14-11
Location Kurwa Proper, Kurwan Council State
Result Exile of the True Kurwans
Beginning of the Dawn of Nations
Foundation of the IRSSR Battkhortostan
Status Quo in North Kurwa
Socialists True Kurwans Nordkurwa Freistaat North Kurwan Independentists Kurwan Empire Kurwan State Loyalists
Leaders and Commanders
Socialists Sikandar Nordkurwa Freistaat caBastard Kurwan Empire v1adimirr
Multitudes (~10) 1 2
12-20 1-2 2

The June 14th Riots were the first major political turmoil in the history of the server. Protests began claiming for democratic reforms in the Kurwan Council State over the diminished leadership of the Council of Four due to the constant absence of Council Members Junipero and Catbuskris, the noticeable constant absence of Rosenmann in the State's affairs and the increasingly unilateral rule of v1adimirr. The peaceful democratic process was then taken hostage by the increasing socialist movement in Kurwa who then claimed credit over the beginning of the protest and turned it violent against Kurwan officials.

The development of the crisis brought much confusion to the three belligerent sides which eventually led the Kurwan Officials to use force in order to disperse the protests. The outcome of the protests brought an entire renovation to the server's way of life. It marked the end of the Era of Freebuilding and set the beginning of the Dawn of Nations. It marked the end of Kurwan hegemony as the server's single lawful State by the following creation of the Islamic Revolutionary Soviet Socialist Republic of Battkhortostan.

Previous to the protests, the Kurwan Council State had remained the undisputeable hegemonic nation of the server due to having no worthy competitors. During this time, the State Capital, Kurwa Proper, had an unprecedented population growth. The city eventually grew bigger than the server's spawn Berndtown under the successful rule of the Council of Four composed of v1adimirr, Junipero, Rosenmann and Catbuskris. The city grew so big it started to be divided between districts- each one with an appointed advisor to ensure the civil order. The first advisor appointed by the Council of Four was caBastard as Advisor for the North Kurwa District, an area he started developing when Old Kurwa (then just Kurwa Downtown) was already out of space.

Time passed and Junipero and Catbuskris bacame inactive which brought a lot of controversy for they were the ones to make the foundations of the Kurwan State by building the first farms and the first Chruch in Kurwa. Rosenmann, who had previously taken up a chief role in quality enforcement within the government, had become inactive as well; although not to the same degree as Junipero and Catbuskris. The actions of the remaining Councilman, v1adimirr, now ruling a large state by himself, were now interpreted by some players as authoritarian due to the unilateral control he had over the fledgling nation. Multiple factors eventually led to the stagnation of North Kurwa, which by that time was the biggest and most populated district in Kurwa Proper (it included the City Hall, previous to the districts reforms), and for some citizens, the blame was placed on the leadership. Independentist sentiment sparked around as North Kurwans thought they could take the people's affairs in their own hands.

This led to a series of protests demanding the replacement of either Junipero or Catbuskris for a more active player to prevent the rest of the city from entering in infrastructural stagnation and to give more powers to the Kurwan citizenship. The protests began under caBastard's leadership representing the North Kurwan Independentists. The protests draw much attention from newer citizens; many of them identified themselves with the International Socialist cause (created by one huge son of a bitch) and soon enough joined the protest singing socialist chants, turning the pro-democracy protest into a Marxist-Leninist protest.

The pro-democracy protest had begun infront of the steps of the recently build Kurwan City Hall, planting signs demanding democratic reforms and lighting small fires to the street and Town Hall. The socialist rally quickly outnumbered the North Kurwan Independentists and the pro-democracy chants were replaced by chants demanding pro-socialist law reforms and complete change of regime. v1adimirr logged in after the socialist take over and reacted enraged with fear like a strong leader to what was happening.

v1adimirr and Sturmbann armed themselves and took over the Kurwan City hall, drawing their swords in front of the protestors. The protestors got even closer to the Kurwan officials to intimidate them with the hopes of scaring them away.

The Battle

With everyone so close to each other, the first punch was thrown. According to the Kurwan Officials, Sikandar violently attacked v1adimirr. According to Battkhortostan historians, Sikandar accidentaly clicked and happened to hit vladimirr because he was pushing him around. The truth will never be fully known (although history shows us how primitive and violent Socialists are). Regardless of whose fault it was, v1adimirr retaliated and killed Sikandar. The protestors started atatcking the Kurwan officials with their bear claws bare fists. Kurwans, on the other hand, were equiped with diamond and iron armor. Despite being massively outnumbered, all of the protestors were killed (including caBastard), but they kept coming back, utilizing human wave tactics. After surviving multiple onslaughts, Sturmbann was eventually overwhelmed by Socialists and was killed. v1adimirr gave a longer fight but was eventually overwhelmed too and was killed by elkku112.

True Kurwans exiling themsleves out of Kurwa Proper

v1adimirr's death brought the fight to a halt. The tension was high. Players attempted to return the stolen loot but many belive some Shqipar Slavs and Midwest negroes kept stolen loot by themselves denying ever having it. v1adimirr proceeded to lock down the Kurwan City Hall and forcing everyone to disperse and return home.

The True Kurwans made their headquartes under the Cosy Yoba and considered caBst their spokesman. caBst denies ever having True Kurwan membership, but decided to mediate between them and the Kurwan State in favor of the True Kurwans in order to push for the democratic reforms he very much wanted (Perfidious Nicaragua). Negotiations were taken in the the Kurwan City Hall Council Discussion Room between caBst and v1adimirr with no access to the public. caBst tried to push the reforms but v1adimirr rejected each and every one of them and eventually gave caBst the ultimatum of dropping the reforms if he wanted to keep his advisor status. caBst agreed (pussaaayyy).

v1adimirr intended to force the exile of the True Kurwans. The True Kurwans complied before he had a chance to make the announcement, however, and in retaliation proceeded to take down their properties and move far South East of the Kurwan Mainland. This was the birthplace of the Battkhortostan RISSR setting the beginning of the Dawn of Nations. It marked the end of Kurwan Hegemony and Server-Wide domination. The rise of Battkhortostan would lead to the creation of the Republic of the Westwards Isles and the Dwarven Kingdom/Breshikan Empire as well as many other minor nations that spawned across the server. Kurwan Hegemony would be reestablished with the foundation of the Kurwan Empire.


Many players remained confused over the June 14th events. Kurwan nationalism and pro-statism sparked around Kurwa. The sentiment of a new Kurwan Nation called Battkhortostan was born. Kurwan-Battkhort Revanchism

Following Battle

The closed Kurwan City Hall

The Kurwan City hall was clogged with protest signs and was eventually locked down creating a cobblestone mess. Kurwa Proper lost a few of its residential buildings including the widely popular Cosy Yoba that was destroyed by its builder Sikandar and rebuilt in the outskirts of Battkhort City.

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