<autism> <Elkku112> hinoaras
<autism> <Elkku112> hi
<autism> <Elkku112> hello
<autism> <Elkku112> how are you
<autism> <Hinoarashi> Greetings.
<autism> <Hinoarashi> Dandy. You?
<autism> <Elkku112> I'm good :)
<autism> <Elkku112> so
<autism> <Elkku112> will you be my minecradft girl friend
[14:57] <Elkku> do you dress up as girl often
[14:57] <ijs> yes
[14:58] <Elkku> :3
[14:58] <Elkku> me too

   <areteee> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_chess_openings
   <areteee> who learns all this shit by heart
   <Elkku>   I know all of them

This player is a moderator. If he's not fooling around making dirt shacks… you can trust him

A Finn who is also a girl, infa 100%. The ruler of Birch Island.

Elkku doing elkku things


Elkku likes to die and actively participates in suicide.

autism: <Helios> feel free to suicide
autism: <Elkku112> don't mind if I do
autism: Elkku112 fell from a high place

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