Empire Of Kurwa

Empire of Kurwa
Capital Kurwa City
Official Languages English
Demonyn Kurwan/Imperial
Government Council State
Leader Reichsrat
Establishment c. 16-7-11
Population ~158
Abbreviation KE/Empire

Union of semi-autonomous territories under the rule of the Reichsrat, the Imperial Council of Kurwa. The seat of the Reichsrat is the Imperial Hall in Pettan Kurwa.

On 16.7.2011 the Empire was officially declared. Rosenmann and caBastard decided that the large number of protectorates under Kurwan rule needed a new system of governance and formed an Imperial Council. This idea was later stream-lined and put into practice after revisions by other council members. For more info read the history of Kurwa.

The Reichsrat

Each existing and newly accepted town or nation of the Kurwan Empire will be given a seat in the Reichsrat. Who fills this seat can be decided by the nation's government. The Kurwan City State has two seats. As always, the individual nations' internal affairs (regulations, building codes, etc) will be conducted by that nation.

The Reichsrat will be able to override any decision made by a member-nation with a simple majority. A majority vote will also enable the enacting of empire-wide laws. In the case of a tie, the Kurwan City Council will take a vote. A Kurwan City Council official may veto any action taken by the Reichsrat. If there is disagreement in the Kurwan City Council, the council will take a vote.

The Kurwan City Council will continue to be able to take unilateral control of the Empire if its deemed necessary.

New councilmembers have to get approval from a high council member (A Kurwan City Council member or caBastard).

The High Council

Statesmen of the Empire



Kurwan Member-States

Colonies and Fortresses

All citizens of Kurwa and it Commonwealth must assist in the battlefield when the Empire is in danger.

Naval Ensign.

Army Flag.

Kurwa loves its flags. To see a detailed article about them please read this page

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