V1adimirr(ancient depiction)
Pulitzer Prize for Photography Winner 2012: v1adimirr telling YugoTexas to STFU by Faggot
v1adimirr can only be satisfied by five guys

A historic mod. The 7th person to register on the server, he created the very first building, “the Wizard Tower” located next to the original, 1.7 spawn in Berndtown. He was a founding councilman of both Kurwa City-State and its successor state, Nova Kurwa. Also known for the KWS Krazanov, being a redstone genius, “thinking out loud” with dirt, the Kurwan Reichsrat, being aloof to the troubles of the common man, and being the only thing holding the entire goddamn server together.

V1adimirr on Canada

* v1adimirr has joined the game from Canada
<K_Chris> what
<K_Chris> what
<v1adimirr> ive embraced it chris
<v1adimirr> eh
<K_Chris> ;_; what the fuck
<v1adimirr> lets play hockey and talk aboot mooses

V1adimirr on K_Chris

<K_Chris> why is it dead in here
<K_Chris> surely we can come up with something to talk about
<K_Chris> v1adimirr Bragzor areteee 
<v1adimirr> fuck you
* v1adimirr has quit ()
<K_Chris> ;_;

V1adimirr on Mod Abuse

[07:40]  mazznoff:mod abuse
[07:40]  v1adimirr:Abuse this
[07:40]  v1adimirr:I'm pointing to my genitals right now

V1adimirr joined the server as little more than a new, unnoteworthy citizen of a small, unnoteworthy village: Kurwa. After construction the Wizard Tower, he was the first player granted mod rights. Soon thereafter the citizens of Kurwa elected him to power and saw Kurwa grow from a quiet hamlet on the edge of the map into a truly unriviled paradise in the Realm of Alpha; the centre of the map and the measure against which all other communities were judged. For a long period he was the most influential player on the server, single handedly running the massive state of Kurwa while the other ruling members of the nation's council were absent. His handling of this period of Kurwan history was met with mostly positive reception, though some found Kurwan foreign policy to be jingoist. At the height of his power over 150 people fell under his jurisdiction.

Mumbling to Declaring himself to have “won Minecraft,” when the Realm of Alpha was destroyed and a new map was generated he sought to reproduce the coziness of Kurwa Village without any of the aspirations for power. However, faced with the rapid and accelerating growth of Nova Kurwa, v1adimirr decided he had no desire to replicate the Kurwan Empire and announced he would permanantly leave the political sphere, giving up any of his current political holdings “to the history books.” Nova Kurwa would undergo a series of major crises after his departure as catastrophic leadership caused the most promising nation of the map to very quickly spiril into oblivion, forever tarnishing the name “Kurwa.”

He retreated to the far reaches of the world, residing over 13 kilometres from the spawn. V1adimirr managed the Hall of Lights, a sanctuary of contemplation and bastion of maturity open to the enlightened and dedicated pilgrim. He also maintained the Hall of Voices, a summit for the nations of the Realm to meet and discuss politics like civilized adults (it wasn't used much).

V1adimirr initially presided over the nation of oldfriends, Minis Aleph. The city, named for Alphabernd, expanded rapidly, accepting among its citizens only oldfriends. As he and the other oldfriends moved on to other projects, Minis Aleph remained as a memorial to past oldfriends. He later oversaw the construction of the Memorial Gardens that marked the server's one year anniversery.

During the Summer of '12 he once again wandered off into the wilderness and built for himself. Kurwa Mons, initially to be naught but an enourmous Reichsrat, eventually attracted a small number of citizens in spite of its isolation.

In his eyes the server began to slow as it grew and he lost interest in maintaining his role in it. He all but left the server during the Winter of '12, returning only to pass brief judgements or help needy players. Passionately insisting that the only way to return the server to its former glory was through a new map, he campaigned vigorously for such a change throughout the beginning of '13.

Te3 didn't listen and it took over a year for a new map to be created and instantly prove that v1adimirr was right about everything.

Te3's tenure left v1adimirr uninterested in minecraft for months, even as Alphabernd returned to the throne. In early '15, however, he gathered a small number of oldfriends to begin breaking ground on a new communal effort, Hochkiesel.

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