Westwards Isles
Capital Thursday Island
Official Languages English
Demonyn Islanders
Government Parliamentary State
Leader Lord Uxbridge
Establishment June 2011-August 2011(Union Established), September 2011(Independence) -
Population 15
Abbreviation W.I.

The Glorious Westward Isles, west of Kurwa.

Founded on a Thursday in the middle of June 2011 by Lord_Uxbridge and Mr_Pockets.

Made up of many different islands and mainland claims; however, so far only six islands have names. The first and most populous Thursday Island, named after the day the Westwards were discovered, serves as the Nations capital and trade port. The next largest, One Birch Island is located just south of Thursday Island, currently it has only one resident, Elkku112. Outward Island is a small sand bar near the Kurwan Continent with no residents. Bastard Island located just west of the capital is named in honour of caBastard who helped the Westward Isles gain recognition from Kurwa. Falklands Island is located in the Middle South of the Isles, half surrounded by ice it has room for only one resident Peter, the Minister of Mining for the Westward Isles. Finally the largest island geographically, the Isle of Feels is located in the Far South of the Westwards.


The Isle of Feels claims to be independent of Westward however there is no basis for this claim (other than recognition from Battkhortostan), and it is not taken seriously by the Isles government.

It was seceded by the breshikan high command to kurwa in excange for Cumberland

The Government consists of the House of Lords, currently with only one member, Lord_Uxbridge, which appoints ministers from the citizens. The current ministers are Peter the Minister of Mining and Transport, Mr_Pockets the Minister of Defense, and OttoVonBismark the Minister of Agriculture and commander of the armed forces.

what about lordharcourt?

The Isles are rich in sea life, and as such a main export is ink sacks harvested from the local squids.

Written on the 31 August, 2011, when The Westward Isles broke free of the Westro-Breshik Union:

We the representatives of the Bernds of Thursday Island, One Birch Island, Bastard Island, The Falklands Island, The Outland Strip, and all other isles and territories with in The Westward Isles, do here by list our grievances with and against King Shakomatic of Breshik, in the the hope that they may further justify our separation and independence from his rule. In order to fully justify our grievances we must first lay out the fundamental rights of all Bernds, so that all may bare witness to King Shako's crimes against them. First and foremost from our observations of the universe and our study of the one true internet we must conclude that All Bernds are created equal, with the possible exception of Finns, this first and most sacred right the King has trampled upon by setting upon us an unjust governmental system where in he, and he alone, exercises all authority. Furthermore, we find that all Bernds are bestowed, upon their creation, with a set of rights no true government may deny, these rights being: The Right to have Feels, The Right to share ones Feels openly without fear of reprisals, The Right to know the Feels of others, and The Pursuit of a GF. These rights are granted unto all Bernds and should any government remove these rights, or tamper with their definitions, without due course, it is the sacred duty of all Bernds to defend these rights, even against their own government. It is in this reason that we express our butthurt against the Tyrannical King Shako, who has ignored and defiled our rights in his own pursuit of greater power and unjust, unreasonable, and unwanted authority over his subjects. Having expressed our grievances and justified our actions..

We the Bernds of these Westward Isles do declare ourselves independent of Breshik and it's king Shakomatic.

Every Thursday - Founders day and Train day.

1st September - Independence Day.

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