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Battkhortostan Islamic Revolutionary Socialist Soviet RepublicБаттхортостанская Революционная Исламская Социалистическая Советская Республика
Flag∗∗Coat of Arms
Anthem Hymn of Butthurt
Capital Battkhortograd
Official Languages Arabic, English, Finnish, Russian, Serbian, Spanish
Demonyn Battkhorti, Battkhortian, Battkhortstani, Battkhortostani
Government Oligarchic Social Republic
Ideology Nationalistic Communism
Leader(s) Triumvirate, Battkhortostan National-Bolshevik Party
Establishment June 16th 2011
Population At one point, many
Abbreviation Batt.x, BX

Battkhortostan was founded on June 16th by LoganTheRed, San_Marcos, and Sikandar following their exile from Kurwa for agitating and participating in the June 14th riots and engaging in sedition through the formation of an opposition party, the True Kurwans. The government was established as a constitutional monarchy but swiftly adopted the model of a Revolutionary Islamic Soviet Socialist Republic. LoganTheRed was elected on July 5th as General Secretary of the Republic. The government was headed by interim official testytigershark until the return of San_Marcos and Sikandar on September 4th.

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All official citizens are required to be members of the party and politically active. Party membership comes with several privileges and responsibilities.

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Battkhortostan's military has never suffered an official loss.

Battkhortostan has abolished democratic rule and is now governed by a triumvirate composed of the three founders and the Battkhortostan National-Bolshevik Party.

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Battkhortostan was the first nation on the server to oppose Kurwan hegemony and the only nation to ever fight a successful skirmish against her. Battkhortostan was later to make amends with Kurwa in order to crush Breshik, at the time an arrogant upstart. Unbeknownst to Kurwa, Battkhortostan's true target was the Lakota, enemy of Breshik and protectorate of Kurwa. Despite their common enemies, Battkhortostan and Breshik would later become hated enemies due to the perceived arrogance of the younger nation.

Inland Battkhortostan is dominated by high plains punctuated with several hills and mountains. Rugged mountains and thick forests form the northeastern border, while the southwest gives way to slightly gentler terrain.


Planning is underway to move the nation wholly onto the new map. The new capital will be Novobattkhortsk located in an undisclosed location, with satellite towns Pizdipidorovsk, Govnolinsk, and Yobagrad. Fort Ashgabatt will be rebuilt in a strategic location, and other citizen-founded towns may see a return. The main part of the nation including the above components will not be built until 1.9, we will be building a mushroom village (tentatively named Gribgrad) for the whole of 1.8 in a swamp biome, gathering materials in order to satisfy AlphaBernd's land claim requirements.

Battkhortostan practices National Communism, in which all citizens (party members) collectively own and share in Battkhortostan's resources and territory. Residents who do not belong to the party may run their own private businesses in Battkhortostan and trade amongst themselves and with the government, though they do not share in the communal storage and may only truly borrow land for use from the state.

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Battkhortostan encourages blanda among its citizens, whites are in the minority and mixed race children are the norm.

Battkhortostanis are indoctrinated with the official state ideology at the Battkhortostan National Academy.

Many traditional Battkhortostani buildings are constructed from timber, giving Battkhortostani cities a rustic charm. Battkhortostan is a stronghold of cultural Marxism and Islam. Some citizens of Battkhortostan are also adherents to Horoism.

Battkhortostan has historically been an innovator in social organization, sparking the explosion of nationalism which lead to the great number of aspiring nations currently seen and introducing to AlphaBernd's Realm democracy and inclusive government through their committee system.

Battkhortostanis and the Battkhortostan government can be reached through the talk pages of this wiki or our IRC channel: #battkhortostan

We also have a steam group

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