Council State of Kurwa
Capital Kurwa
Official Languages English
Demonyn Kurwan
Government Council State
Leader Council of Four
Establishment c. 18-4-11
Population of City State 88
Abbreviation none

Kurwa is the oldest, most populated, and most powerful nation in the Realm of Alpha.

This article is about Kurwa City State and the surrounding province. For areas under Kurwan authority, see the article on the Kurwan Empire.


Once the Fall of Bernd became apparent, members of Kurwa village saw signs of the same destructive building occurring in Kurwa. Castles and large cobblestone towers with lava flows began to appear in the otherwise cozy village. Thus was the Council of Four created. Members of what would be later known as Old Kurwa elected four representatives to reside over the village and enforce certain building codes in order to keep Kurwa from slipping away into chaos, as had happened to Bernd.

The night of the Council's formation, a raiding party was formed and all the cobblestone castles and towers were TNT'd by disgruntled residents. News of Kurwa's new code of building spread and the village quickly grew in size. At the time of the Council's formation, the village had 12 residents.

Rise to Power

As Kurwa expanded it became evident that it would be difficult for four people to reside over the entire town. Other citizens suggested giving limited power to an advising position, and thus the advisors were born. caBastard became the first advisor and North Kurwa (originally named New Kurwa) was designated. A brotherly rivalry was created between North and Old Kurwa, but as Kurwa expanded it was soon realized that Kurwa would have to once again expand. The Kurwan Town Hall was constructed and then East Kurwa was formed. Kebabremover was designated advisor.

A new vision for Kurwa was then created: a mobless town. A wall around Kurwa Proper was erected and all of Kurwa was lit up. There was much rejoicing.

The main spawn was soon changed, from Bernd to Perkele. This was met with dismay for a number of reasons, the primary being that Perkele was about 2,000,000km away from anything else. A secondary was that the Bernd-Kurwa rail had been completed using players' resources. Thus, AlphaBernd, in his infinite wisdom, create the Perkele-Kurwa line, connecting the spawn to the only other important area. With the expansion of Kurwan power, the Council saw fit to increase the borders of the town into a provincial state. With the consent of those who had already built on the land, Kurwa annexed all the land within the current Kurwan Wall, declaring itself the Province of Kurwa.

Kurwa continued to expand and soon North Kurwa was too large for a single man to advise. The eastern portion of North Kurwa was seperated and named Eisen Kurwa. Mrkittens123 was nominated for advisor, but later resigned due to absence from Kurwa. Keresztanya was promoted to his post. Around this time the Kurwan Gulag and Keep was created atop Mt. Kurwa to look over the glorious town of more than 50 residents. At this time Kurwa was the only densely populous area besides Perkele.

June 14th Riots

Many new friends began to migrate to the Realm of Alpha and many to Kurwa Town. At this time Junipero and Catbuskris had not been heard from in weeks. caBastard had been calling for their replacement in order to keep the government running smoothly and one day a gathering of six or seven other citizens decided to join him on the steps of town hall in protest. V1adimirr was the lone government official online at the time and struggled to maintain ordnung as the protest turned into a mob. Fires and signs were scattered all across Town Hall Avenue, occasionally setting government property alight. It was later tallied that over 120 signs were placed in or around Town Hall that day in protest.

V1adimirr stood at the top of the stairs alongside the sole loyalist, Sturmbann, and repeatedly called for order to be restored. Once it was clear that was not going to happen, he drew a line across the steps of the Town Hall. Using the wealth of Kurwa he quickly crafted armor and a sword and, fearing for the stability of the town and the government should the rioters seize the Town Hall, declared any man stepping across the threshold would be met with deadly force.

caBastard lamented the direction in which the protest had turned, but it was too late for him to control. The protesters walked up the stairs of the Town Hall, rain and thunder behind them, and stood along the threshold- face to face with the loyalists. Tensions continued to rise until the first blow was struck. Later claiming it to be “a misclick,” Sikandar punched v1adimirr, who immediately retaliated and struck him down with a diamond sword. Chaos ensued and the loyalists, believing themselves to be under attack, charged down the steps of the Town Hall yelling, striking down all of the unarmed protesters in a matter of seconds.

As the rioters respawned, the loyalists had a moment to compose themselves and assume a defensive position. Sturmbann was supplied armor by the state and the two loyalists stood at the threshold of the Town Hall bracing themselves for the coming onslaught.

A crack of lightning struck meters away as the first wave of riots returned. They rushed up the stairs, swinging and shooting, but the loyalists were miraculously able to hold their ground despite being greatly outnumbered and, in some cases, outequipped. The loyalists again assumed defensive positions and readied themselves. The second wave of rioters was spotted across the marketplace in the rain, charging toward the Town Hall. They rushed up the stairs and were met again with deadly force, but the loyalists were outnumbered and were eventually overwhelmed by the numerous protesters, who had rearmed themselves and brought food.

The rebels held the Town Hall for a few minutes but then peace talks began between v1adimirr and the de facto leader of the rebels, caBastard. V1adimirr, a lone councilman, was unable and unwilling to give in to any of the rebels demands and the talks eventually hit a dead end. He boarded up the town hall and posted an official government response declaring talks were underway within the government to address the rioters' demands, but any further act of rioting or violence would result in immediate exile from the town.

The rebels formed the “True Kurwans” that night and continued to meet and discuss the government, despite the Council's warnings. The next day the “True Kurwans” fled the city, fearing the government's response and were later officially exiled. Batt.x was created by the rebels and a series of small conflicts erupted occasionally between the two states before an equilibrium was met.

The Aftermath

A new district was then created to address the ever-growing Kurwan population. A barracks was erected there and a standing army was put in place to defend Kurwa against its new rivals and against any further insurrections. The new district would be later known as Militant Kurwa because of this.

Around this time, many nations began to spring up in response to the formation of batt.x. The Westward Isles were founded and allied themselves with Kurwa, while the dwarven nation was created to the north of Kurwa and immediately proved itself to be belligerent.

Further Growth

Due once again to rising populations, forest and desert to the east of East Kurwa was leveled and developed in a single day, opening up the largest district yet for new friends: Pettan Kurwa. At that time the population of Kurwa was approximately 70.

On June 29th an agreement was made between Kurwa and Ordnungstadt. Kurwa engineered a defensive wall around Ordnungstadt in exchange for the annexation of the town. The wall was completed the same day.

Rise of an Empire

On the 14th July symbolic funeral of Kurwa Town has took place in the graveyard next to st. Isidor Church in Old Kurwa. However, not unlike Rome, the formation of an Empire brought new life to the nation. Few days after funeral of Kurwa, a unique political body was installed into power: The Kurwan Empire. The Kurwa Empire created a closer bind between colonies of Kurwa by making them commonwealths. The Kurwan Empire was joined by Oymyakon (now Frostbite), and later by Astonia Vostok. The creation of this body gave an impulse for new players to join Kurwa. Construction of the Imperial Hall and project Petrus (built to legitimise the new border between Breshik and Kurwa after the Three Hours' War) was started.

Shakomatic, after spotting the Petrus, became worried and claimed even more land (see: the land run) and made a secret union agreement with Lord Uxbridge, former governor of Westwards Isles. This has caused drastic reaction of all free world. Kurwa Empire, its commonwealths, the Free City Of Bremen, and others started “Coalition of Awesome” in order to push back Breshikan fortress into their lands.

In the aftermath of this conflict, more disputes arose. These were finally resolved in the First Bresho-Kurwan Pact in which both sides made concessions in the pursuit of peace.

Waning of an Empire

Once news of a new 1.8 map arriving surfaced, the Empire was largely abandoned and neglected. The colony of Nova Kurwa will house many of the Empire's citizens, but will lack any of the expansionist aspirations of its empire.

Kurwa Proper is located on a peninsula slightly west of the centre of the Realm of Alpha. To the west of Kurwa Proper is a water formation called Kurwa Lake. To the east is a larger body of water, the Kurwan Sea.

Kurwa Province extends around the city, including the land to the east and crosses Kurwa Lake to the west. Sovereign Kurwan territory is marked by the Kurwan Wall, a massive wall that runs all along its northern, western, and southern borders.

Beyond the Kurwan Wall lies territory under Kurwan protection. This area includes most of the landmass that encircles Kurwa, the Kurwan Sea, and Kurwa Lake. While Kurwa has no officially binding claim to these lands, it has a standing response to anyone wishing to form a nation within those borders: “Ally with Kurwa or prepare for war.”



Within Kurwan Province but outside of Kurwa Proper lie the Kurwan enclaves.

Birch Island lies off the coast of North Kurwa. Despite cries for independence, Birch Island (BI) has remained under Kurwan authority since its inception.

Outer Kurwa, also known as Bankside, is a semi-autonomous village across the Kurwan Lake from Kurwa proper, MrKittens123 resides over Outer Kurwa (TK). The village is built around the Globe Theatre and is accessible from Eisen Kurwa via a subway tunnel, and from Pettan Kurwa via the metro system.

The city of Ordnungstadt is a semi-atunomous village across the Kurwan Sea from the industrial fields of Katyn Industries. FordTempo resides over the stadt.

The Council of Four includes Rosenmann, V1adimirr, Junipero, and Catbuskris. The Council is the highest authority in Kurwa and both create and enforce the laws of the land. Most government officials in Kurwa are also mods, making the enforcing of laws and punishment of criminal scum much simpler.

All major decisions (war, annexations, secessions, expansion, demolitions, etc.) must be made by two members of the council. If there is indecision within the council, a vote must be taken with AlphaBernd being the deciding fifth. In the absence of a second councilman, two advisors may support the decision of a single council member, fulfilling the two vote requirement. However, advisors do not have the power to vote in council disputes nor may they, despite their numbers, every make a major decision without consulting any council member. In times of crisis, a single councilman may make a decision, though that decision may immediately be vetoed and its effects rescinded by another councilman.

The duties of an advisor include maintaining their district and helping citizens, new and old, around town. They are responsible for keeping their district orderly and enforcing building codes on new constructions. In addition, they are officers of the Kurwan Armed Forces and expected to inspire and lead the men on and off the field of battle.

In the absence of council members, advisors are the senior officials of Kurwa and are expected to enforce all Kurwan laws and protect its sovereignty.


The Building Code is a simplistic one and applies only to buildings within Kurwa Proper. Any new residence must be within the confines of the plot shown to them by a government official. It must fit in with the surrounding homes (use cobble, stone, wood, logs) and may not have a flat roof. It must be under 3 stories tall, unless an exception is made. There are no towers or castle permitted within Kurwa Proper. If you wish to have an exception made, speak with a council member.

Griefing is, as all across the Realm of Alpha, strictly forbidden and will result in a permanent ban.

The economy of Kurwa is largely individualistic, but a communal storage depot is maintained by the government for those who have excess or require basic materials. Donations are the primary revenue stream for the city, though this is supplemented by the teleport tax.

The Bank of Kurwa is a unique installation in Kurwa, maintained by the government and under mod protection, in which individuals or nation-states may leave items in a protected chest with instructions to trade for other materials in set ratios. No other action is required by the individual, as the bank will then trade the items with other individuals or with Kurwa itself, as the demand and supply meet. This is a true asset to the people of Kurwa as it allows citizens to trade even while offline and with the Kurwan Government itself.

Katyn Industries has been founded in Kurwa and intends to become an industrial powerhouse with automated or semi-automated factories producing paper, cactus, cobblestone, wood, coal, wheat, flint, tools, and other materials. It's mission statement is “To provide an industrial and agricultural base upon which the Council State of Kurwa can fluorish.”

Kebabremover's world famous kebab is sold in three parts of the Kurwan city (EK, NK and OK). Due to constant harrasment, the kebabshops don't offer meals for jews.

Kurwan culture is best culture.

Kurwan Museum of Fine arts and blocks offers visitors to see many paintings and most of the blocks that can be found in the game. Also: The great Gap is at the keller floor of the museum.

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