Second Commonwealth-Ender War
Dates 15. October -
Location Bydlograd, Siverny
Result - Treaty of Drenesk
- Division of Kriegstein
- Building rights Agreement
Republic of Ender
Republic of Battkhortostan
Eastern Commonwealth
Dobrobakanistan Federation
Supported by:
Leaders and Commanders
President Hinoarashi
Speaker BearMonger
Chief Justiciar EternalZohne
Kaiser P_P_A I
King Shakomatic
High Comm. Austrobernd
Prince-Bishop Rosenmann
Prime Autist Nekronys
~7 1) ~15 2)
High Moderate
Battles and Campaigns
Battle of the Responses - Enderian Invasion of Kriegstein - Breshikan Invasion of Kriegstein - Breshikan Invasion of Siverny -Neutrality of Winterlyn - Battle of Novobydlograd - Raid on Novabydlograd - Anschluss of Hojborgen

The Second-Commonwealth Ender War

The Second Commonwealth-Ender War, sometimes called Third Enderwar by the Breshikans, was a large-scale conflict between the Supranational Federations of the Republic of Battkhortostan supported by the Republic of Ender on one side, against the Holy Danikian Commonwealth, supported mainly by the County of Klamdau, Badface and Breshik, and its ally, the Dobrobakanistan Federation on the other side. After some diplomatic exchanges, both sides were engaging eachother in a series of skirmishes and battles.

Kriegstein Succession Crisis

Following the election of P_P_A to the Kaiser throne of the Commonwealth and his inheriting the de facto defunct Kingdom of Kriegstein (and dissolving the latter as was proper), the Republic of Ender claimed that the personal union of the two states presented a violation of the Treaty of Castile.
This claim was protested by the Kriegsteinian government, given that they were still independent and had not ceded any Kriegsteinian territory or titles to the Commonwealth, nor entered into any agreements with that nation. Rather, the Republic of Ender's partial annexation of former Kriegstein territory on the 13th of October presented in itself a (partial) violation of the Treaty of Castile.
Both sides continued to insist on their interpretation of the treaty, though with the Kingdom of Kriegstein's dissolution as a nation, the accusations were inconsequential.

Tensions between Ender and the Commonwealth

Given the power vacuum in former Kriegstein, the Republic of Ender had been wary of Commonwealth expansion into the area. Cartographic mistakes and the alternate history fanfics of Commonwealth members were cited as breaches of the Treaty of Somerset (despite the territory not having been integrated into Ender yet at that point).
The Republic of Ender swept in and pre-emptively occupied most of the lands of former Kriegstein, and demanded a fine from the Commonwealth for its alleged violations. The Commonwealth refused to pay as it deemed Ender's accusations baseless. Both sides were gearing up for war as they perceived the respective other's hostility.

The Breshikan Blunders

On the 13th of October, King Shakomatic laid claim to former Kriegstein, despite Ender's own occupation of that territory just hours before. Although Shakomatic quickly laid down his claim, this event along with an unrelated Breshikan incursion into neutral territory turned out to be the straw that broke the camel's back. The Republic of Ender openly threatened war against the Kingdom of Breshik.

These actions lead to a diplomatic exchange between both parties.

Neutrality of Winterlyn

King Niller of Winterlyn was opposed to war, and indeed bound by treaty to resolve conflicts with the Republic of Ender peacefully, if possible. With the signing of the third Treaty of Pomparley by President Hinoarashi and Kaiser P_P_A I, the Kingdom of Winterlyn was guaranteed neutrality by both sides in case of a war between the Commonwealth and Ender.

During the Battle of Novobydlograd Enderians attacked Wynterlynian observers. This caused a reversal of the treaty of neutrality. Some simply suspected that the Winterlyn King changed the side due to the surprising victory of the commonwealth.

Aresean Involvement

A former Breshikan Lord, The leader of Aresea had signed non-aggression pacts with the Ender Republic and the COM. Before the signing of the Ender-Aresean treaty, Tomoko had donated multiple double chests of Potions and diamonds to Kaiser PPA. This controversial move made the Ender republic furious when they found out about it after the war.

As a matter of fact, the diamonds that were given to the Kaiser PPA never reached the weapons and armor producers. Only after the battle of Bydlograd and the de facto ending of the war, information regarding this donation was released to the public of the Commonwealth. The whereabouts of said diamonds remains unknown for this day, but its widely believed that the Kaiser simply put them into his own pocket, since only synthetic diamond items were produced for the battle.

Other International Involvement on the side of the Commonwealth

After the date was set for a battle, many volunteers plegded their support for the HDC. Tsaryu, still despising the Republic of Ender, donated several double chests full of potions. The Winterlyn Armed Forces deflected to the Commonwealth at the wake of the declaration of Neutrality of the king. A diplomatic faux pas of Hinoarashi resulted in the declaration of war by the Dobrobakanistan Federation, providing the Commonwealth with additional manpower.

On the 15th of October, while negotiations were still under way and neither party had officially declared war yet, the President of the Republic of Ender Hinoarashi attacked and killed the leader of Dobrobakanistan, Nekronys.
Dobrobakanistan, as per the Commonwealth–Dobrobakanistan Pact was an ally of the Eastern Commonwealth and had proclaimed that it would back them in case of war, but had not yet taken any actions against either party.

Upon being asked to justify her killing of Nekronys, President Hinoarashi responded that “We're at war.” Thus, the Republic of Ender unmistakably declared war upon Dobrobakanistan. The Eastern Commonwealth pledged support for Dobrobakanistan in their defensive war. Given the considerable distance between the territories of Dobrobakanistan and of Ender, the Commonwealth offered its territory as a staging ground for Dobrobakanistan's army, and to support their campaign with their own army.

On October 16th, Shakomatic, PPA and Austrobernd refused to pay the infractions for violating the Treaty of Somerset and expressed they wished for war. And so, a declaration was issued (see above).

Seige of Novobydlograd

The Battle of Novobydlograd was the decisive battle of the war, vastly outnumbered and outgunned aliens were defeated by soviet hordes.

Continued Hostilities, "Anschluss of Hojborgen" and Peace

Raid on Novabydlograd

Days after the battle, mongol intruders tried to steal torches off the streets, but were caught redhanded by the police. A fight broke out and Breshikan soldiers commenced an assault into the stronghold underneath Hinoarashington. The attacks were thwarted.

Anschluss of Hojborgen

On the Afternoon of November 24 2015 Bearmonger lead an assault on peaceful construction workers and government officials in Novobydlograd. Consequently Breshikan troops marched into the Hojborgen and declared Wynterlynian Administration of the territory.

Unfortunately it turned out that the Breshikan military annexed the incorrect stronghold. Instead of Hojborgen the breshikans marched into Hinoarashington a caused a series of conflicts beneath the city.

Treaty of Drenesk

Signed on December 14th 2015, the Holy Danikian Commonwealth as the Republic of Ender officially signed peace with eachother. The treaty mainly concerns around the division of Kriegstein, but Hojborgen got back into the fold of Winterlyn (King Nillers' sudden change of heart right after the Battle of Novabydlograd played a not to underestimated part of this Article) and a building agreement between Shakomatic and Hinoarashi.


Aresean Response

The government of Aresea strongly Condemns the war. Both sides should show restraint and try to settle the conflict peacefully. The government of Aresea will stay neutral but will offer asylum to any refugees in the conflict.

Juinnndaten Response

— While the Juinnndatenland maintains its respects for all parties, it reaffirms its pledge to, and will not tolerate the abuse of outsiders regarding, the affairs of the House of Kriegstein. Furthermore, The Juinnndatenland will not deign any illegal occupation of what is considered a Holy Land.

Numbers taken from the practicipants list from the “Battle of Novabydlograd” Page
Same as before, but excluding Mercenaries, Donators, etc.
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