The Commonwealth Dobrobakanistan Pact

The signatories of this pact agree to maintain peaceful relations between their respective nations.

1. This treaty shall be a military alliance against internal and external enemies. The treaty does not differentiate between defensive or offensive wars of either nation.

2. Both Parties agree to send one non-voting representative to each other's national council as a goodwill, a diplomat and a symbolic reminder that this treaty is still intact.

3. If there is a dispute over land, etc., both parties can agree to meet each other on the field of honor to battle in an variant of the ancient Kurwan system to resolve the dispute.


P_P_A, Kaiser of the Holy Danikan Commonwealth 2015/10/07 18:28

Nekronys, Prime Autist of the Dobrobakanistan Federation 2015/10/07 18:56

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